OCT 11 - 13, 2024


Big Lotus 415

Big Lotus 415 is a 9-year old boy from California, skilled in the trade of that old school “boom bap”. Starting his artistry at the young age of 4, he has been cultivating his abilities to freestyle and create improvisational lyrics on the microphone way before he had learned to read and write. Insisting on […]

Mentes Diferentes

Striving to bring a message of unity from the Chicano community, Mentes Diferentes never shies away from discussing social issues regarding the Brown experience through Hip-Hop Culture. We are a group of street poets, producers, community organizers and artists. The Sacramento-hailing collective comprises of lead founder Reckless Reaction, Rocky Raps #1 Contender, KEST, L.O.C.O from […]

Mariee Siou

“Through music Mariee Siou attempts to address broader cultural voids “with hopes of enticing the sacred work of grief back into our lives from the exile which modern society has placed it in.” Mariee Siou has learned to more consciously embrace her role in the ancient and new tradition of healer-singers who have always helped […]

Digging Roots

FOUR-TIME JUNO NOMINATED Digging Roots breathes life into songs from their land, Turtle Island, to raise their voices in solidarity with a global chorus of Indigenous artists, activists and change-makers. For over a decade, JUNO AWARD WINNERS Digging Roots have traveled the world alongside their 6-piece band with a joyful message of resistance, celebrating Anishinaabe […]

Charly Lowry

Charly Lowry, a musical powerhouse from Pembroke, NC, is proud to be an Indigenous woman belonging to the Lumbee/Tuscarora People.  As an Artivist, she is compassionate as it pertains to raising awareness around issues that plague underdeveloped and underserved communities.  Since her teenage years of studying the sounds of Motown, Pura Fé, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney […]

Delbert Anderson Quartet

Delbert Anderson Quartet (formerly D’DAT) is led by Navajo(Diné) Jazz Trumpeter and Composer, Delbert Anderson.  He is both a leader and innovator in today’s contemporary Jazz scene and a Diné culture bearer.  His work brings forth traditional Diné songs once sung in Diné social circles called “spinning songs,”  and captures their voice in the language […]

Burton Fisher, White Buffalo Stands

White Buffalo Stands, Hodawanes, is a 7th generation singer for his Northern Cheyenne tribe. From the time he was a child spirit, White Buffalo Stands was taught the importance of song as an expression of reverence and deep gratitude for life.  “My name is Burton Fisher Jr., White Buffalo Stands, a full blood Northern Cheyenne […]

Kimberly ShiningStar Petree

Descends from the Tume’lay Nisenan Miwok and is the Chairwoman the Eldorado Band of Miwok Indians. She is a founding member and Executive Director of Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays, (CCAWW) located in El Dorado County, CA. She is also the Cultural Resource Preservation Officer for the El Dorado County Indian Council, (EDCIC). Kimberly ShiningStar is […]

Twice As Good

Twice As Good, also known by their acronym 2XG, is Paul & Richard Steward, the son & father, Native American, ultimate blues duo. They perform a blend of Blues, Soul, R&B, Rock & Roll, with a hint of the Indian beat. Sweet screaming guitar and soulful vocals. Besides leading the band with his dad, Paul […]

Walan Amana

With strong passion and honor, both Lindsay Arbaugh and Austin Arista perform together to keep their native roots alive and strong. Lindsay and Austin have been studying and singing in the Nisenan (sister tribe to the Konkow Maidu) language for over a decade. They hope to inspire others to learn about their own cultures through […]