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Global Stage, Saturday, 10:30 AM
Genre: old school “boom bap” - for kids, by kids “electro pop” style
California WorldFest | Official Performer

Big Lotus 415

Big Lotus 415 is a 9-year old boy from California, skilled in the trade of that old school “boom bap”. Starting his artistry at the young age of 4, he has been cultivating his abilities to freestyle and create improvisational lyrics on the microphone way before he had learned to read and write.

Insisting on partaking in one of the oldest crafts to mankind, he began to take his music to the streets of California to busk. He is well known in certain cities and  in the Bay Area for his “pop-up” street performances. His song “Mosquito Fire Blues” (a tribute to first responders) has been featured in its entirety on CBS news and National news.

With his debut album, “My Own League”, Big Lotus 415 shares his musical approach towards the children’s music genre, often monopolized by adults, in a for kids, by kids “electro pop” style co-starring his father Goldface415 on vocals throughout the album.

Big Lotus 415’s unique styles and harmonies will soon not be forgotten and are driven by exemplifying good moral character in todays declining state. Few artists can compare. The gifted children will lead tomorrow’s future today.