OCT 11 - 13, 2024


Pharroh & Delphi

Late Night DJs DELPHI From a familiar perch atop the bass tombs, ethereal empress Delphi is long-celebrated for detonating the dance-floor with an amalgam of progressive bass music, world sounds, classic hip-hop, mash-ups and timeless 90’s R&B. From humble beginnings as a spoken word poet and renegade artist, to successful runs with Goddess Alchemy Project and her […]

Burton Fisher, White Buffalo Stands

White Buffalo Stands, Hodawanes, is a 7th generation singer for his Northern Cheyenne tribe. From the time he was a child spirit, White Buffalo Stands was taught the importance of song as an expression of reverence and deep gratitude for life.  “My name is Burton Fisher Jr., White Buffalo Stands, a full blood Northern Cheyenne […]

Kimberly ShiningStar Petree

Descends from the Tume’lay Nisenan Miwok and is the Chairwoman the Eldorado Band of Miwok Indians. She is a founding member and Executive Director of Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays, (CCAWW) located in El Dorado County, CA. She is also the Cultural Resource Preservation Officer for the El Dorado County Indian Council, (EDCIC). Kimberly ShiningStar is […]


Huayllipacha (Why-Lee-Pacha) was conceived in 1987 in Peru. It was established in Northern California in 1994 by the Peruvian brothers Salazar Quispe. As a tribute to their culture and with respect for their ancestors, they named their group in the ancient tongue of Inca-Quechua. Meaning “Singing to the Earth,” it is in this spirit that […]

Twice As Good

Twice As Good, also known by their acronym 2XG, is Paul & Richard Steward, the son & father, Native American, ultimate blues duo. They perform a blend of Blues, Soul, R&B, Rock & Roll, with a hint of the Indian beat. Sweet screaming guitar and soulful vocals. Besides leading the band with his dad, Paul […]

Chicken Bonz

Ludi Hinrichs and ChickenBonz clearly take us out of the box, while swinging with their colorful signature sound. Driven by a 4 and at times 5 piece horn section, they roam a diverse terrain, bringing music inspired by India, the Middle East, European Roma,Argentine Tango and American jazz to WorldFest fans. The combination of musical […]

Omar Velasco

Singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Omar Velasco’s music draws from a broad range of influences; it pays homage to the greats of the past – like Stevie Wonder, Shuggie Otis, Joni Mitchell and Milton Nascimento – while avoiding the triviality of nostalgia.  It allows the richness of music from around the world – across era and […]

Walan Amana

With strong passion and honor, both Lindsay Arbaugh and Austin Arista perform together to keep their native roots alive and strong. Lindsay and Austin have been studying and singing in the Nisenan (sister tribe to the Konkow Maidu) language for over a decade. They hope to inspire others to learn about their own cultures through […]


While Brazilian natives Papiba Godinho and Dandha da Hora bring their profound knowledge and respect for the roots of Afro-brazilian song and dance, the entire band has developed a type of samba-reggae-funk with a universal appeal. SambaDá musically unites the Americas, drawing from percussion based styles of South and Central America, and blends it with […]

Richie Ledreagle

An artist-musician-activist since the early 90’s, Richie established himself as a unique artist, being of indigenous descent and having created his own niche in the industry. Recently, Richie re-established himself in the world of indigenous Hip-Hop and in particular California Indigenous Hip Hop. With the launch of Indigenous Warrior Enterprise came the Indigenous Warrior Clothing […]