Big Lotus 415

Big Lotus 415 is a 9-year old boy from California, skilled in the trade of that old school “boom bap”. Starting his artistry at the young age of 4, he has been cultivating his abilities to freestyle and create improvisational lyrics on the microphone way before he had learned to read and write. Insisting on […]

Mentes Diferentes

Striving to bring a message of unity from the Chicano community, Mentes Diferentes never shies away from discussing social issues regarding the Brown experience through Hip-Hop Culture. We are a group of street poets, producers, community organizers and artists. The Sacramento-hailing collective comprises of lead founder Reckless Reaction, Rocky Raps #1 Contender, KEST, L.O.C.O from […]


As a member of the “Apsaalooke Nation”, Supaman makes his home on Apsáalooke lands in Montana. “Supaman” Is Christian Takes Gun Parrish, a Native American dancer and innovative hip hop artist who has dedicated his life to empowering and spreading a message of hope, pride and resilience through his original art form. He has been […]

Mariee Siou

“Through music Mariee Siou attempts to address broader cultural voids “with hopes of enticing the sacred work of grief back into our lives from the exile which modern society has placed it in.” Mariee Siou has learned to more consciously embrace her role in the ancient and new tradition of healer-singers who have always helped […]


From crashing waves on white sand beaches, cool rain on lush green mountains, and backyard jams come Andy, Steve, Toutai, Kamu and Koa.  We are Ho’okipa! Ho’okipa meaning “to entertain” is a four to five piece group performing classic Hawaiiana tunes in the Hawaiian and English Languages. Lush vocals of pure beauty are accompanied by […]

Namorados Da Lua

Namorados Da Lua – NDL – is the hottest Brazilian band in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Led and produced by Nilo Ayele, a California resident from Bahia, Brazil. The band brings together musicians from North and South America (Brazil), Africa and Europe with the common love of creating music with positive messages. NDL’s music […]


Juntos meaning ‘together’ in Spanish is a group of high energy musicians interweaving native South American instruments like the charango with sweet voicings of Latin pop recordings, boleros and a jolt of Afro-Colombian percussion! Hosting a vibrant group of women of diverse backgrounds and nationalities including natives of Argentina Patricia who lifts you off the […]

Two Runner

Two Runner is Paige Anderson and Emilie Rose. The American Roots duo from Northern California embody the hills they grew up in. Through the mediums of clawhammer banjo, flatpicking guitar, vocal harmonies, and oldtime fiddle, Two Runner puts a hip take on the Appalachian feel. Front woman Paige Anderson grew up touring in her family […]

Sister Nancy

Sister Nancy, aka Muma Nancy, real name Ophlin Russell, (born January 2, 1962, Kingston, Jamaica) is a dancehall DJ and singer. She is known to the world as the first female dancehall DJ and was described as being a “dominating female voice for over two decades” on the dancehall scene. One of her most famous […]

Sass N Harmony

Sass N Harmony is a multi-instrumental trio out of Oakland CA, best described as soul folk. The music of Sass N Harmony is imbued with mischief and magic to bring you lyrics immersed in archetypes and folk-tales. Their vocals fly together like a tight triangle of birds overhead, agilely changing directions when needed.  At times […]