JULY 13-16


Sierra Stage Friday 1:00 - 2:00 PM | Pine Tree Stage Saturday 12:00 - 1:00 PM
Genre: rock
California WorldFest | Official Performer

The Velvicks

“[The Velvicks] have been refreshing the rock scene in NYC, delivering an all original “stadium rock” experience to intimate and well known venues like Rough Trade, Union Pool and Gramercy Theater ”
– Brooklyn Vegan

A bracing combo of the sounds of: QOTSA, Smashing Pumpkins and Julio Iglesias! This is one description that can be given of The Velvicks, New York City’s up n’ coming ‘stadium rock’ band.

To start, singer Vick Nader, from a small Brazilian town in Minas Gerais, finds himself in the big apple surrounded by a group of incredibly talented musician friends. Growing up between Brazil and USA he quickly found that music and guitar became both a therapy, and a social catalyst, connecting both of his cultures. Being a very prolific songwriter, Vick started sharing some tunes with the “Brazilian gang” (Vinny and Ed) that besides being Berklee alumnus, they were old time friends from Brazil. They started writing songs for fun and playing them at parties they were constantly throwing in a basement in Brooklyn, where it quickly escalated into full on rock concerts. Following a serendipitous encounter with a booking agent at one of these parties, strong support from their Brooklyn music community, and the addition of Dennis D’Angelo and JV Vidopio, the group evolved into what is now known as The Velvicks.

After dozens of East coast shows and two West coast tours the band released their debut EP “Run” in 2020. Despite their limited financial resources their music reached over half million streams, a mainstream radio exposure in Sao Paulo, Brazil and an increase of 1000% on Instagram (engagement and followers) as well the interest of the industry, resulting in several record label proposals.

In 2021, after their West Coast Summer Tour, The Velvicks are currently mixing their debut full length album, while simultaneously performing their music bicoastal at concerts and festivals.

With an ever expanding fan base, The Velvicks continues to surprise and excite their audience, both by their music and by a dynamic performance that will not let you go till it’s over!