OCT 11 - 13, 2024

California WorldFest | Official Performer

Mankillers & Friends

Women singers of the Big Drum.  (Mankillers and Friends)

Original founding singers (Dr. Carolyn Dunn & Maggie Steele) of the Mankillers all woman northern style drum, joined by their sister friend singers, will share original intertribal songs of fellowship, strength, healing, and peace.  These songs are rarely shared with the public and will fill your heart (your drum) with hope.  The Big Drum to be used for this World Fest concert is over thirty years old and is an original teaching drum that has been sang on by generations of children, youth, and adults, throughout California and the United States.  

Founding sister’s bio:

Dr. Carolyn Dunn is an Indigenous poet and playwright of Mvskoke Creek, Cherokee, Tunica-Biloxi-Choctaw and Ishak descent and is a professor of  theatre, actor, director, dramaturg, author  and co-editor of eight books, educator, mentor to many college students and graduates, and mom of three humans (one very handsome and extremely tall son and two incredibly beautiful and creative daughters) and many four- leggeds.  Currently teaching at California State University, Los Angeles, she lives part time in Southern California and part-time In Oklahoma.

Maggie Steele: Chiricahua Apache Nation and Chicana: Community Activist and Soul Teacher, artist song writer storyteller.  Maggie is the mother of two tall and handsome sons, and she has developed and taught curriculum in non-violent conflict resolution currently works with youth programs, tribes, schools, prisons, institutions of higher education and is a helper to communities throughout California and the U.S.  Maggie has been recognized for her commitment to healing communities in her wellness and healing workshops throughout the country.

Sister singer friends to be introduced, including Leisette Rodriguez, Betty Castillo Morrison, Mindy Galloway, Tina Mahler