Workshops at WorldFest

Get involved!  Move, Play, Sing and Dance at WorldFest 2017.
Workshops are offered in Yoga, meditation, dance, music and more.  

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Afrofunk Hip-Hop with Chanthou Lam
Belly Dance with Marija

Bossa Nova Ukulele with Dani Joy
Brazilian Dance with Deanna Figueira
Brazilian Drumming with Victor Vasquez
Caribbean Steel Drums with Dale Peterson
Community Drum circle with Ryan Sacco
Didjeridu Playshop with Andjru
Earth Element Yoga Flow with Cassandra Galbier
Easeful Revitalizing Yoga for Every Body with Rachel Tuck
Five Animal Frolic Qi Gong with Linnie O’Flanagan
Folk Dance with Troika
Gentle Yoga with JoDee Eatmon
Hawai’ian Ukulele with Kanakoa
Jug Band Music with Clifford Johnson
Kids Yoga with Dana Cohen

Laughter Yoga with Linda Kalb Hamm
Middle Eastern Rhythms with Pete Fairley
Music Together Singalong with Beth Gillogly
Music Improvisation for Everyone with Joe Craven
Native Healing Song with Pamela Ames
Right Place, Write Rhymes with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Samba Reggae for Teens with Anjali Figueira
Shamanism & Dance with Michael Stone
Slackline & Partner Yoga with Isha McCaskey
Songs, Sounds, and Stories from the Sea Islands with Ranky Tanky
Soul Shake Estatic Dance with DJ Medicine Heart (Luke Anderson)
Sweat Your Prayers with Jacia
Swing Dance with Tristan Gunderson
Taiko Drumming with Mitzi Garnett

Tribal Fusion Veil Dance with Abigail Moore
Tuvan Throat Singing with Alash
Venezuelan Percussion & Dance with Betsayda Machado
World Beat Community Drum & Dance Circles with Michael DiMartino
WorldFest Chorus with Rod Baggett

Yoga with Dr Paula
Zumba with Soozie Yearwood

Afrofunk Hip-Hop

Uplift your spirit. Energize your body. Feed your soul.

Afrobeat: a style of popular music, incorporating elements of African music, jazz, soul, and funk.

Hip Hop: subculture and art movement developed by African Americans and Latinos.

Come breathe, move, dance and groove to Afrobeat sounds as we heal, inspire, and affirm ourselves through Afro Caribbean and hip-hop dance.

Chanthou Lam is a Nevada County mover and shaker who has provided dance instruction for over 20 years at Sacramento area elementary, middle and high schools, American River College, and more recently for Nevada City School of the Arts and Del Corazon Dance Company.

She holds a BA in Dance and Theatre and a MS in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Movement Studies.

Belly Dance

Come join for Tribal belly dance with an emphasis on balance, flexibility and fun with live drumming.  The rhythms are hypnotic and energizing.

Marija is a current member of Troupe “Rebellyon” and has danced since she was able to walk.  She most enjoys sharing the joy of dancing with others.


Bossa Nova Ukulele

Learn the easy chords & Portuguese lyrics of Só Danço Samba and play along with our straight 8ths Strum. We will learn to memorize thru repetition and play from memory!

Free ukulele rentals available for the weekend.

Dani Joy is a California based singer/songwriter/instructor and proud featured artist of Ko’aloha Ukulele. Her world influenced musical style is soothing and romantic, blending old time jazz with Bossa nova/exotica genres. She is most noted for her crooning alto vocals and tasteful ukulele fingerpicking and accompaniment.

Brazilian Dance Class

Celebrate the sensuality & spirit of Brazil and rock some Samba Reggae! The class will be accompanied by live percussion.

Deanna Figueira has been teaching Brazilian dance for over 20 years. She has studied with master teachers in both Brazil & the U.S, choreographs and directs dance troupes for children & adults, and teaches and performs at numerous events and venues.  Deanna lives in Bahia, Brazil, where she runs a B&B, and teaches dance & yoga.

Brazilian Drumming 

workshop-victor-vasquez500Victor Hugo Vasquez, a native to Lima, Peru, has been a drummer since grade school. He has come to live in California to be with his beloved. He happily volunteers to lead Brazilian Drumming and percussion workshops at the Worldfest for the past 4 years. It has become his favorite California festival. He loves teaching people how to play and have fun no experience necessary.

If you have or haven’t ever played drums with Victor come by this year and catch his workshops and/or join us for the Parade! Instruments provided and you are welcome to bring your own!


Caribbean Steel Drums 

Become part of a Caribbean steel drum band for an hour. No experience necessary. Drums provided.

Dale Peterson has taught after school steel drum classes; formed a community youth steel band in Nevada County for 10 years; has been doing steel drum workshops at world fest for 5 years.


Community Drum circle with Ryan Sacco

Create community through drumming at this circle with multiple leaders to help keep the rhythm true. Dancing encouraged.

Ryan Sacco is a drummer/percussionist from Sacramento whose played in the music scene for over 20 years, sharing the stage with Tower of Power and War, among others. He played the last two years here at WorldFest with Joy & Madness, and currently organizes a large drum circle in Sacramento.

Ryan teaches drumming and hand percussion of all different styles.

Didjeridu Playshop 

In Andjru’s 7th year at WorldFest he will be providing instruments to learn basic and advanced techniques of this ancient instrument from Australia. This playshop is fun, informative and for the whole family!

Andjru Werderitsch has been playing and teaching the didjeridu since 1994. Andjru’s connection to and interest in music and movement lead him to travel and live in Australia and New Zealand for several years. Once again, he is very honored to be a returning facilitator to World Fest.

Earth Element Yoga Flow 

Connect to Earth, Fire, Air and Water as you flow through a Vinyasa Sequence supported with Live Music. Open your heart as you access your inner Fire, flow like the Water, Breathe in the fresh Air, and connect to the Earth as we close with Restorative postures.

Cassandra Galbier is a passionate mother, Yoga teacher, licensed massage therapist, body memory recall practitioner, and Reiki master. Cassandra balances life between Nevada City with her newborn and partner, and traveling the world being inspired and inspiring others to live a passionate life walking one’s unique path.

Easeful Revitalizing Yoga for Every Body

Join Rachel Tuck for a mindful yoga class oriented towards soothing your dancing muscles and opening your heart to community. This class will be accessible to all with a playful undertone. Think you’re too tired to do yoga? Join us and re-energize using movement with breath. If you don’t have a mat, bring a towel, if you don’t have a towel bring yourself and we’ll work it out.

Rachel has been practicing yoga for 12 years and teaching for 8. She is a 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher and owns a local yoga studio The Golden Mandala Donation Yoga Studio. Her classes are focused on dynamic slow movement paced with breath. She believes that yoga should not hurt and it should not make you dislike yourself. We use yoga as a tool to become embodied, get a sense of where we are at with ourselves, and then as a way to support ourselves as we move off of the mat and into our daily lives.

Five Animal Frolic Qi Gong 

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is an ancient form of exercise used in China for thousands of years to improve and maintain health and vitality. Through simple movement, breath and visualization exercises, you can reduce stress and improve strength, balance, immunity, organ function, mental clarity and emotional health. Revive, Rejuvenate, Rejoice!

In Five Animal Frolic, we emulate the movements and attitudes of the Bear, Crane, Monkey, Tiger and Deer. This form improves strength, flexibility, stamina, and organ health. Come play!

Linnie O’Flanagan is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Medical Qi Gong Therapist. She is also a certified health and fitness instructor, and has studied and taught dance and exercise for most of her life.
Awakeningconsciousness of the of energy flow within each of us, is one of Linnie’s passions. She loves to bring healing and joy to people’s lives through mindful movement and dance. Linnie has developed a series of courses on Meridians in Motion and also teaches regular classes on Daoist Cosmology and Chinese Medicine at her health center, One River Medicine, in Meadow Vista, CA.

Folk Dance 

Family friendly dances for all. Learn new dance moves to ​the Gypsy Syrto (Balkan) and the King Tut Strut (Israeli). Dance Circle and Line dances from around the World to the live music of Troika. No partner needed.

​At Worldfest since its inception and for over 20 years, T​roika has been performing and teaching ​the folk dances ​from Bulgaria, Greece, Israel​ and other places around the globe. Sometimes soulful, sometimes playful, come enjoy – whether for dancing or listening.

Gentle Yoga 

This class consists of meditation, chanting, and gentle yoga postures as well as relaxation and partnering massage.

JoDee Eatmon has been teaching yoga for 30+ years in Stockton at several different health clubs, San Joaquin Delta College, and Yoga Centers. She has been working with special needs kids for more than 20 years, and currently special needs young adults, teaching yoga and dance. JoDee is a long-time yoga and dance teacher at both the Strawberry Festival and Worldfest.

Hawai’ian Ukulele

Learn the roots of Hawaiian music from festival headliners Kanekoa.

Kanekoa describes its music as ukulele powered Hawai’ian reggae folk rock.  They have been playing together since 1999, melding elements of Hawaiian, Rock, Folk, Blues, Reggae and improvisation into a truly unique sound.

In Hawai’ian the word KANEKOA (kah-ney-koh-ah) has its roots in the words kane (man) and koa (a sacred tree indigenous to Hawai’i), and translates into English as “a strong man or warrior.”

Kids Yoga 

workshop-dana-cohenDana will lead Kid & Family Yoga – an hour of play in our bodies with breath, exploring the spirit of self, nature, animals, & life. She teaches kids of all ages transcendence thru active energetic explosions & peaceful grounding, flowing naturally with the energy of each moment.

Dana Cohen-Valerio walks the path of the heart through yoga, inspiration, healing, play, practice, presence, surrender, nurturing, love, & devotion.

Jug Band Music

Learn how to play jug band instruments… Gut bucket, washboard, glass jug, jaw harp, how to ham-bone, and maybe more.

Clifford Johnson has been in multiple local music groups for 11 years playing ukulele, gut bucket, washboard, jaw harp, kazoo, saw, jug and more. Clifford says, “I believe Anyone Can Make Music. I’ve taught varied workshops at many different kinds of festivals, and teach classes in Placer County.”


Laughter Yoga

(Adult Class)

When was the last time you laughed more than 100 times in an hour!? Come discover the joy of intentional laughter as we practice playful, stress relieving exercises, combined with yoga breathing techniques. Laughter (HASYA) Yoga is suitable for all levels and abilities.

Linda Kalb Hamm, M.Ed., is a Certified Laughter Yoga University teacher and leader. She loves how laughter unites us all and gives us the tools to live a positive, caring, joyful and healthy life!

Middle Eastern Rhythms

Explore a variety of rhythms from the Middle East with Pete Fairley of MeadowRock Percussion.

Learn patterns that express a range of moods, from slow and sinuous to fast and driving, as well as playing several unusual rhythm cycles that will stretch your musical understanding. Great for drummers, dancers, instrumentalists, and listeners alike – bring your own instrument or use one of Pete’s extra drums.

Pete Fairley plays drums from across the globe, with an emphasis on the tablas of India and the Middle Eastern doumbeck and tar. He performs in both traditional and fusion settings, has made several recordings, and has studied with world-class musicians including Zakir Hussain, Babatunde Olatunji, and Layne Redmond.

Music Improvisation for Everyone
In the Moment & Without a Net

How do you make better music in the moment, jam confidently with folks you’ve never met, and/or say something different every time you take a solo? This workshop will help deepen one’s connection to spontaneity and flow through organized sound.

Joe Craven teaches musical improvisation more from a theater model rather than the requisite model of jazz. Therefore, this is not an ability-based class. If you’re an advanced player seeking a ‘theory & technique’- oriented foray into improvisation, this class may not be for you.

Joe connects improvisation to what you already do and moves you forward from there. We’ll focus on ways to think differently about sound, embrace fearlessness, and address the connection between spoken-word language and the language of music. Showing up empty-handed, mimicry, mistakes & metaphor, sending/receiving and the value of losing control are just some what we’ll apply to our music making in class. Lots of exercises and opportunity to play with others in new ways.

The class will stretch you and may well change some of your perceptions of what music is. It’s a fun and enlightening romp!

Music Together Singalong 

workshop-beth-gilloglyBeth Gillogly loves teaching Music Together and sharing her passion for music with children and their parents and caregivers.

Beth plays ukulele, guitar, and piano, and dabbles in harp and violin, but her main and most beloved instrument is the human voice. She has been singing since she was a very small girl, and she now enjoys singing all day with her young daughter and any other children she meets! She studied classical voice for more than 15 years, and has nearly 25 years of experience performing as a member and soloist in choirs ranging from small, a cappella Renaissance groups to large 80-voice choirs.

Beth is director of Sierra Foothills Music Together.

Native Healing Song 

“When you sing, you pray double.” Teja saying. Come experience singing and drumming Native American songs with Pamela Ames and Feather River Singers members Anna Eyre and Kathleen Shain. The energy and good intentions of Native Song re-energize and uplift. Learn basic pow wow drum protocol at the drum.

Pamela Ames’ powerful voice and magnetic presence engages the listener and workshop participants, helping people connect with their inner musician. Her goal is to empower people to experience the joy and healing in music. “Soulful singing” attributed to Pamela Ames, a lead singer for Feather River Singers for over 17 years. Ames is also a singer/songwriter/composer in jazz, Native American Contemporary and electronic music.


Right Place.  Write Rhymes!

Grammy award winning rapper Secret Agent 23 Skidoo will teach you how to rhyme to beats.

This is a freeform workshop where you’ll learn to break rhyming down into a few easy steps. Participants will be able to write a rhyme within the space of 30 minutes and even be able to get on the mic and kick their brand new rhyme to the crowd over a fresh beat.

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is an accomplished freestyle rhymer. He and his band will rock accessible, funky beats through a sound system to generate inspiration and teach technique. They’ll spice the workshop with freestyles raps to keep the energy moving. Between mini-performances he and the band will work with students individually helping them with worksheets created to break rhyming down into a few easy steps.

In 2017 Secret Agent 23 Skidoo won the Grammy for Best Children’s Album for “Infinity Plus One”. He has garnered two GRAMMY nominations for Best Children’s Album, nine #1 hits on SiriusXM, glowing reviews in TIME, USA Today and on NPR’s All Things Considered, and has rocked the crowds at Lollapalooza, the Smithsonian, the Winnipeg Folk Fest in Canada and the Buddy Daddy Family Bash in New Delhi, India.

Samba Reggae for Teens

A Brazilian dance class especially for teens; we will learn Samba Reggae, a street dance from Bahia, to live music.

Anjali Figueira has been dancing since she could walk. Raised in Bahia, the epicenter of Afro-Brazilian culture, Anjali embodies the spirit and energy of Afro-Brazilian dance.

She currently co-teaches a Brazilian dance class in Nevada City and is a member of Solua and Del Corazon dance companies.

Shamanism & Dance

5 Rhythms Elemental Dance

Combining ancient shamanic practices of honoring the elements and the web of life with the energetic maps of the 5Rhythms cosmology michael takes us on a moving journey of tapping into the ancient ancestral and cellular wisdom of the body to create an energetic release into health and wholeness.

Shamanic Drum & Journeying

An introduction to shamanic journeying and the practice of accessing non ordinary reality to discover helping spirits, power animals and messages from our ancestral lineage. We will be doing journey work to access health and healing through embodied wisdom and the exploration of non ordinary reality.

Embodied Shamanism
In this traditional 5Rhythms Sweat Your Prayers michael will take you on a journey of world music to release habitual energetic patterns that drain our energy. This allows us to renew our vitality and reprogram our cellular memory.

For over 40 years Michael Stone has been leading transformational workshops and events. He has extensive somatic training in movement and has completed teacher trainings in Trance Dance, Soul Motion, and Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms. He has brought his training in communications, gestalt, meditation, shamanism and psychology together with his spiritual and environmental conviction to develop a totally unique approach to bringing forth a new depth in personal, relational and environmental awareness. Michael practices shamanism, ecstatic dance and moving meditation and leads programs on line and around the world. He is also the host and producer of KVMR’s awarding winning radio program, Conversations and the Shift Network’s Shamanism Global Summit.

Slackline & Partner Yoga 

Slacklining is a unique practice that teaches full body awareness. A moving meditation that will redefine your sense of balance and mental focus, you will learn to balance on a 1 inch wide ‘yoga mat’ (slackline).

In this workshop Isha McCaskey will teach the basics of standing (commitment), kneeling (core strength), sitting (focus) and arm balancing (breath), as well as exercises for more seasoned slackers to expand their comfort zone on the line. Slacklining is great for yogis, climbers, couch potatoes, and athletes of all kinds.

All skill levels encouraged, no experience necessary.


Songs, Sounds, and Stories from the Sea Islands

Learn about the Gullah culture in the United States. Utilize polyrhythms and call-and-response, critical listening and language skills, musical play, vocal improvisation, and the 12-bar-blues. Discover the rich traditions of the Gullah culture that have helped to shape our American musical culture today. This is meant for use in a wide range of classrooms and grade levels.

Charleston, SC based quintet, Ranky Tanky, unites celebrated musicians from the South Carolina Lowcountry, most of whom trace their roots directly back to a unique African American culture called Gullah. Musical performances and workshops pay tribute to this distinct community by updating timeless game songs, work songs, and spirituals collected from early field recordings taken along the Carolina Coast.

Soul Shake Estatic Dance 

Sunday morning: Drop in deep and shake it all loose to a wide range of musical styles, including world music, electronic, glitch, bass, funk, and house. We’ll begin with a warm up followed by an hour and a half dance.

You are invited to move however you want to, free to play, free to dive in deep, free to fully inhabit your bodies and hearts, free from concern about how you might look on the outside.

DJ Medicine Heart weaves specific intentions and themes into his sets, and creates waves of music that journey through a range of genres, including world, funk, gypsy, dub, breakbeat, house, glitch, bass, goa trance, broken beat, drum&bass, downtempo and leftfield.

Sweat Your Prayers 

workshop-jacia-kornwise500Saturday morning come sweat your prayers and open your heart to a 5 rhythms based dance wave.  A 20 minute warm up followed by an hour and a half dance to a wide range of musical styles. Jacia Kornwise has been leading healing dance and embodiment practices for the past 20 years.

Jacia Kornwise is a 5 Rhythms teacher trained and certified by Gabrielle Roth herself.

Swing Dance 

workshop-tristan-gunderson500Grab a partner and put on some Cab Calloway. This workshop returning for another worldfest will teach you all you need to know to boogie to some of your favorite songs. Covering the basics of East Coast Swing and other swing styles from nightclub two-step to street hustle.

Swing Dance is led by Tristan Gunderson, a swing and ballroom instructor and choreographer of 5 years, with the help of his partner Mahri Gray who has a background in ballet as well as dancing swing for countless years.

Great for beginners or if you just want a refresher and a chance to dance to some swinging tunes.


Taiko Drumming

Grass Valley TaikoGrass Valley Taiko was established in 2000 by founder and Artistic Director Mitzi Garnett from a basic one-time workshop that grew into the multiple of classes of varied levels that exist today. Mitzi was instrumental in bringing many taiko performances to Grass Valley/Nevada City that have featured Taiko groups from all over California and a vast variety of drummers of many genres. Grass Valley Taiko hosted a Taiko Festival in 2005 that celebrated two sold-out shows, annual Taiko Festivals each year since, an annual production that gives 100% of the income to a notable cause, and Taiko Camps in 2006, 2008, and 2010 that drew participants from around the world to train with the Masters of North American Taiko. Grass Valley Taiko also participated in the International Taiko Festival in San Francisco in 2012.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance for Teens

In this fun Workshop we will be exploring American Tribal Fusion belly dance style. This is a lead and follow format which is a fun and exciting way to dance in a group. Music will be traditional Middle Eastern rhythms provided by drummers!

Tribal Fusion Veil Dance

In this Workshop we will be learning to dance with veils using Tribal Fusion belly dance movements. Veil dancing is very beautiful and fun. Music will be traditional Middle Eastern rhythms provided by drummers.

Abigail Moore is a dance teacher from Paradise, Ca. She teaches many forms of dance and circus arts at Positive-i Dance and Circus Center. She is the dance director of Eastwind Bellydance. The drummers at her workshops are also members of Eastwind Bellydance. Her passion is dance and her love is teaching!


Tuvan Throat Singing

Learn the art of Tuvan throat singing in this workshop featuring festival headliners Alash.

Alash are masters of Tuvan throat singing (xöömei), a remarkable technique for singing multiple pitches at the same time. What distinguishes this gifted trio from earlier generations of Tuvan throat singers is the subtle infusion of modern influences into their traditional music. One can find complex harmonies, western instruments, and contemporary song forms in Alash’s music, but its overall sound and spirit is decidedly Tuvan.

Venezuelan Percussion & Dance

A sixty minute dance session illustrating 3 distinct rhythms of Afro Latin percussion and dance, all originated in Venezuela. A fantastic family and community experience accompanied by live drummers from Parranda El Clavo. Break the ice and involve the audience before the performance and a useful way to discover and learn dance moves before the show.

Rhythms vary but often include Quichimba, Tambor de Caraballeda, Tambor San Millán and Culoepuya. Most dances are performed in couples and illustrated by two expert dancers. Simultaneous translation is available.

Passionate and colorful, Betsayda Machado is one of the most representative singers in Venezuelan music today. Her mastery on several Afro-Caribbean rhythms and the strength of her voice have made her share the stage with the biggest stars in Venezuela, bringing traditional elements to their music. To understand where her magical voice comes from it’s necessary to travel to a little village named El Clavo, in Barlovento, known to be the most important community of African descent in Venezuela.

WorldFest Chorus 2017

workshop-rod-baggettThe WorldFest Chorus is open to anyone and everyone who enjoys singing and would love the opportunity to have a fun, easy and creative experience with others who share the same desire. There is no experience necessary and the chorus is open to all! The WorldFest chorus will be singing easy melodies while exploring and creating cool harmonies. Please attend our 2 rehearsals at 4:30 Friday and Saturday and the 11:00 Am performance on Sunday!

Rod Baggett has been active as a professional musician for over 30 years. While he is an accomplished guitarist, pianist and vocal coach, his focus and expertise is in leading vocal groups, ensembles and choirs of all levels of experience and ages. Rod has extensive skill in working with singers in a variety of styles and genre, encouraging them with techniques that improve tone and blend and the ability to sing in harmony with one another.

World Beat Community Drum & Dance Circles 

Friday – World Beat Community Drum & Dance Circles
Community Drum Circles are an open and improvisational experience. Learn rhythms, while having the opportunity to freely express yourself!!! A great program for leadership development and team building. Applicable for corporate to tribal environments. Fun for all ages.

Saturday – The Universal Language of Rhythm
The Universal Language of Rhythm is a hands-on workshop using a selection of drums and percussion instruments. Learn the ancient nonverbal language of communication. This workshop focuses on tradition and technique, while learning the verbalizations of the rhythms. We practice rhythms from Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Applicable to all styles of percussion instruments, this program can range from a primarily creative focus to an academic, experiential, or research focus.

Sunday – The Healing Power of Rhythm
The Healing Power of Rhythm workshop is based on the ancient science of Nada Yoga, indigenous drumming, and tenets of music therapy. This workshop activates entrainment, which is connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain (analytical and creative) and producing synchronizations. It includes breath work, rhythm realizations, and song. No experience is necessary.

Michael DiMartino plays percussion and ethnic wind instruments. He has been playing and teaching for more than 30 years and has had the opportunity to travel to many countries. These include Egypt, Morocco, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Europe, and Israel studying and learning from the keepers of various traditions. He also maintains a contemporary relevance by organically mixing in electronic influences with dozens of traditional instruments.

Mr. DiMartino has also performed with Jimmy Cliff, Michael Franti, Mickey Hart, Baba Olatunji, Yungchen Llhamo, Joules Graves, Umayapurim Shivaraman, Gordon Stone, Col Bruce Hampton, and at national festivals —Horde, Big Summer Classic, Gathering of the Vibes, and Starwood.

Yoga with Dr Paula

workshop-dr-paula-barrosGathering together in the fresh mountain air, we will practice the art of alignment with Dr. Paula Barros, who gently guides us in Anusara Yoga to move gracefully embodying a spiritual perspective. Come breathe freely and deepen our connection as community. Together we will build courageous, loving energy to dance back into our festival lives and beyond.

Paula Barros has been a teacher of yoga since 1976. She has a natural ability to inspire students of all ages and uses a deeply nurturing manner of teaching to promote a positive experience of mindbodypirit.

Paula began teaching at Santa Cruz School of Ballet, and also at the Watsonville YMCA. Paula’s compassionate interest in recovery after physical/emotional trauma has given her many opportunities to work therapeutically with individuals in private therapeutic Yoga sessions. In 1977, Paula studied in India with B.K.S. Iyengar for four months of intensive training, where the therapeutic cases were successfully managed with Yoga Asana and Pranayama. Paula helped students suffering from scoliosis, heart disease, head injury and many other challenging health conditions.


workshops-2016-zumbaSoozie Yearwood is a certified AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) Group Fitness Instructor, and has been teaching adult and children’s fitness classes since 2012. Having moved to Nevada County in 2015, Soozie previously managed a full service gym before opening her own fitness studio in Plumas County.

Ms. Yearwood is Pilates Mat certified through NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association), and has been trained and holds licenses for teaching Zumba, Zumba Kids, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Toning and Beachbody’s PiYo Live program. Soozie holds online group challenges as a Wellness Coach focusing on healthy habits, nutrition and fitness.

Her goal is to design classes that cater to fitness enthusiast who want to be challenged while offering modifications so that everyone, even beginners, can join in at their own pace and get an amazing workout. She loves to help motivate, inspire, and help people achieve their goals, one class at a time. Soozie is honored to be teaching at various fitness studios around this beautiful community, you can find her at Fit Culture Studio, Center of Movement Studio and South Yuba Club.