Our Workshop Coordination team intentionally curates a diverse range of yoga, meditation, dance, music and more. These workshops add to the WorldFest experience by engaging participants in hands-on learning, playing and practicing. In most workshops the leaders provide instruments or props, and you are always welcome to bring your own!

The application deadline for 2022 has passed.


The Anatomy of Awakening- 3 Day Series 

Friday 4:30-6pm – Ponderosa Classroom

A Date with Destiny

In each moment, an opportunity presents itself towards limitless potential! Many cultures from around the globe recognize the “phenomenon” of spiritual awakening. Illustrations of encounters with a force so great, that it heals the body, mind and soul. Could these experiences actually be evidence-based physiological, scientific shifts that occur organically within the human body? Join us for a journey that could quite possibly be one of the most powerful workshops of your life. No experience necessary. All backgrounds and belief systems are welcome! 

Saturday 4:30-6pm – Ponderosa Classroom

The Response Ability

As individuals, it can be challenging to accept all things in existence as individuations of divine force energy. More often than not, acting as mirrors, we project our unconscious patterns, programming, and belief systems on others. Is there a chance that the neuroplasticity of the brain, which dictates our thoughts and actions, could be shifted effortlessly, so that the way we respond to external stimulation could be freed of any lack of ease and or interference? No experience necessary. All backgrounds and belief systems are welcome!

Sunday 3-4:30pm – Ponderosa Classroom

Worldfest Breathwork Celebration – Sensations of Samadhi

We gather as one to dispel any and all lack of harmony and separation that supports the ever-changing narrative that surrounds us. The illusion that the material world is less than perfect is by and large, supported by our participation in belief systems dictated through perceptions of a very limited lens. Come and unite in the name of global healing. Spirit favors the brave. This is our time and connection is key.

No experience necessary. All backgrounds and belief systems are welcome!

Please arrive 15 minutes early. Workshops will start on-time and doors will be closed thereafter. It is requested that those under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs, or pharmaceuticals not attend this series of workshops. The stimulation of cerebral spinal fluid can take place during these gatherings, and it is not advised that participants combine chemical compounds, stimulants, or other alkaloids with these practices.

Qi Gong – Daoist Yoga

Qi Gong is a complete healing-system built on the (3) Treasures of Chinese Medicine: Jing (Body), Qi (Breath), Shen (Spirit) – it’s meditation in motion while cultivating breath – nourishing, relaxing, and enjoyable!

Tribal Bellydance

Come and be part of the tribe. Easy to learn slow sinewy moves along with basic footwork are the foundation of this ancient dance form. We will add in some shimmies and undulations to create basic choreography. All fitness levels welcome. 

Yoga with Amy

Amy offers mixed-level hatha/vinyasa classes, which focus on deepening awareness, being ever more present in the body, and breath and movement synchronization. Her teachings are lighthearted, and her classes balance stillness, movement, and expansion.

Middle Eastern Drumming

Expand your drumming skills by exploring rhythms from the Middle East!  From slow and sinuous to fast and driving – plus a few rhythms in unusual cycles – we will play patterns that can enhance the repertoire of any drummer, dancer, or musician!  Some drums will be available for use during the workshop, and anyone who just wants to listen is also welcome to join the fun!

The Elemental Body

The elemental body is an embodied journey through the 5 elements that compose the human body – Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.

Laughter Yoga with Linda

Laughter Yoga with Linda has been an exuberant part of CA Worldfest since 2017 because laughter, like music, connects us all! No asanas (floor poses) are required, so all abilities are welcome to come for an early morning dose of joy and sparkle that incorporates yogic breathing and unconditional laughter.

Our hour session begins with gentle stretching, clapping, chanting and breathing warm ups. We add music, playful laughter exercises and visualizations to keep ourselves “laughing for no reason”. Bring a towel or chair for our giggle meditation, which allows us to enjoy the spontaneous flow of laughter we create during our session. We end with guided relaxation and loving kindness meditation among the beautiful tall trees. Start your morning by connecting with other music lovers while you enjoy a gentle work-out that enhances your “happy hormones” and your physical and mental well-being. Linda Kalb Hamm, M.Ed., CLYT, CLYL, has been teaching Laughter Yoga in the Sacramento area since 2012. She believes that laughter is the best exercise for life, peace and world unity. You can learn more about Linda and Laughter Yoga at

Kealoha Spoken Word

Kealoha tailors his workshops to match the age group and learning goals of the participants. He has taught such diverse groups as professional writers to incarcerated adults. This workshop takes participants through hands-on writing experiences, encouraging them to find their own poetic voice. Kealoha will teach attendees to write their own poems, and develop the basic skills to be able to perform their poems with confidence.

Restorative Sound Journey with Cat Lessley

Cat’s lifelong love of music and body movement guided her to become a vibrational sound therapy certified practitioner in 2019.  This healing sound journey experience begins with yoga & Qi Gong inspired energy exercises and breath work to guide your awareness to your listening, allowing your brain waves to slow, shifting from a more active state to a more relaxed dreamlike state. Then you will rest in an extended sound savasana.  Using gongs, Himalayan bowls, chimes, drums, crystal & alchemy bowls etc. to invite  you into a deeper state of consciousness, releasing you from external stimuli and turning your focus & breath inward, bringing deep rest, relaxation & self discovery. The soundscape is created to activate the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the body to relax, slow the breath & lower blood pressure & heart rate.

Introduction to Sequential Stretching

Releasing chronic tension with gentle movement.

Sequential stretching is a new flexibility technique that borrows some of the best aspects of traditional Yoga with aspects of Alexander Technique and physical therapy. It can dramatically improve flexibility and balance even in people who haven’t seen significant improvements from traditional methods.

The Power of Touch

Harmonizing and balancing our Qi behind consciousness touch throughout our hands.

Using the principles of Shiatsu Do and AYM (Traditional Ayurveda Yoga Massage) we will enjoy the Art of Healing our Bodies and Souls.

Let’s rise together.

Womb Yoga – Yoga for womyn health

Gentle, sensitive, feminine and cyclical  approach to yoga. Honour our Shakti Energy.

Gentle Yoga with Jodee

My class consists of meditation, chanting, and gentle movement that are soothing and healing focusing on breath and heart opening to release tension and stress.

Lotus & the Mud

Out of the darkness we rise, formed by the elements of earth and water, fortified by the fiery desire to thrive, grow, and blossom. As our enthusiasm for life ignites and our creative energy stirs and roars, we are also being called to nurture. Nurture our tender hearts and the parts of ourselves that feel lame or forgotten. As we become untame and do away with the blame and shame, we step right up into our power. This is the practice of setting intentions and intelligently organizing our energy to support them.  In this class, we will explore compassion for ourselves as we integrate the lessons (shadows, joys, and otherwise), and the sustainability of commitment without interruption.

West African drumming

Learn basic rhythm from a master west African drum teacher.

Sacred Circle Dance

Stemming from ancient roots, Circle Dance combines modern and traditional choreography with world music with the intention of integrating body, mind and spirit in community. Everyone is welcome to participate  in these simple, taught dances. No prior experience is needed.   Recent research shows that dancing is a powerful all-round health booster. In addition to fitness, it enhances brain plasticity, memory, combats osteoporosis, alleviates insomnia, improves self-esteem, enhances mood and increases cooperative skills. These dances originated from the Findhorn community in Northern Scotland in the 1970’s and now are danced in circles around the world.

Flow Wandering 101

FlowWand is the art of meditation in motion. It’s intuitive and expressive, and whether Dancing Close with a short string or Letting Loose with a Long String, it’s the tiny dance partner that never gets tired.

Thai Massage Practice and Play

Thai massage practice and play!  This heart opening healing art is a fun way to connect with others while learning some new massage techniques. Open to all levels. No partner necessary. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one!

Easy Tao Qigong

Qigong “ cultivating Life Force” is an ancient Chinese movement system that energizes and relaxes one’s entire being. The Easy Tao form includes self massage and standing meditation. All are very welcome, no experience necessary. Jim has taught this form for over 25 years.

Yoga and Yoga Dance

Yoga flow ending with Yoga Dancing 

Transcendental Sound Meditation

Bathing consciousness in ancient yogic mantras using breathing technique, japa malas and music.

Yoga nidra deep peace relaxation

Guided psychic sleep with yoga breathing, full body guided relaxation, guided visualization and deep peace relaxation.

Salsa Dancing

Learn to dance Salsa! We’ll cover the core moves and steps that make this such a fun and lively dance style!

Contact Improvisation

Learn one of the most dynamic and pleasurable dances ever invented! Contact Improvisation is spontaneous partner dancing using physical touch as the primary mode of communication between partners in an unstructured and improvisational way. Loads of fun and very freeing!

Bachata the Partner Dance

Feel the rhythm of the Dominican Republic and move your core to the bongo beat.

Brazilian Zouk

Nova Brazilian Tilted Partner Dancing

Yin/Yang Sound Journey

Meditative workshop and performance with crystal bowls and other instruments.

Music Improvisation As a Lifestyle 

Show up “empty handed, open minded” for this class. It will help deepen your connection to spontaneity, movement and seeing the value of not being attached to the outcome when letting your creative juices flow.

Rhythm Boot Camp 

What is rhythm? How does it work? What is the mystical “groove” musicians talk about, and where can I get some? No matter how well you’ve mastered it, you can still fall out of rhythm. No matter how uncoordinated you may feel, you can still fall into rhythm. In this class, we’ll journey into groove as a group.

Taiko Drumming 

Description N/A

The Shamans Circle 

Humanity is swimming in a sea of individual, collective and ancestral trauma.

The mystical arts can support us in becoming more aware of the impact of trauma, how to integrate this frozen, fragmented energy that resides in the body, and how to heal the fragmentation that keeps us separate, suffering and stuck in habitual ways of meeting life. You are invited to join us for this shamanic drumming circle.

Family Yoga w/ Prajna 

Yoga Fun for the whole family! All ages and genders are welcome to explore the art of yoga through movement, animal inspired poses, and singing. Yoga is a dynamic, gentle, and fun practice of connecting to the body, mind, and collective consciousness. Doing yoga as a family helps strengthen connection and appreciation for each other. Bring a blanket or sheet for optimal comfort. No yoga mat necessary.

Blissful Bhakti & Chakra Flow 

Bhakti is the Yoga of Devotion, the celebration of the Divine. Breathe, dance, explore, and express yourself in this heart opening practice combining mantra with movement, a dynamic flow of the physical and energetic body. This class will ground you, energize you, and balance your chakras. You will leave class feeling vibrant and free!

Grounding with Gratitude 

Gratitude as a practice brings fullness to the heart and joy to the spirit. When you start your day with gratitude, the rest of your day flows with ease while you see the divinity in all things. Let’s celebrate the miracle of life together while we ground through gratitude using affirmations with asana, meditation, breathwork and sound.

Traditional Japanese Reiki 

Topics of discussion include:

What is Reiki (and what it isn’t!)

What is Reiju (attunement.) Why do you need it, and why you don’t.

Learn about the origins of Traditional Japanese Reiki and how it was originally taught and practiced.

Learn the importance of the Reiki Kyogi (five precepts) in our daily lives, and how to recite them in both English and Japanese! (take-home flyers will be distributed.)

Learn and practice a hands-on self-healing.

Learn and practice a Traditional Japanese Reiki technique called Hatsurei Ho.