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Workshops & Yoga
at WorldFest

Celebrate, learn, grow, and play with us! Join us for 30+ eclectic workshops to add to your festival experience with hands-on learning, playing, and practicing. WorldFest workshops will take you on a journey around the world and back again to the heart of Northern California Gold Country Nevada County!

Choose from yoga classes, health and wellness lectures, meditation, artist-led playshops, music & drum workshops including Ukulele and Accordion, Steel Drums and Brazilian Drumming and dance/movement offerings ranging from Ecstatic Dance, Yoga & Qi Gong Flow, Salsa Dancing to Tribal Belly Dance – and so much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the workshops?

Workshops are held in various locations: Evergreen Deck & Lawn, Ponderosa Hall, Loadin’ Chute, Workshop Pavillion, Conscious Living Area. Look for Workshop Symbol on the map.

How do I lead a Workshop at WorldFest?

We are currently not accepting applications at this time.

What should I bring?

In most workshops, the leaders provide instruments or props but you are always welcome to bring your own. Be sure to arrive five minutes early. Some locations will have seating, some won’t (or you’ll be dancing anyway). If needed, bring a comfortable seat, stay hydrated and eat well before movement/yoga workshops.

Any more questions?

Contact our Workshops Lead Team at

@caworldfest | #musicconnectsusall

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