Workshops at WorldFest

Join us this year for an eclectic range of WorldFest Workshops!


From Yoga classes to Meditation sessions to artist-led playshops, drum workshops (Middle Eastern Rhythms, Steel Drums, Brazilian Drumming to name a few!) and Dance/Movement offerings (from Partner Dance 101 to Tribal Belly Dance and many more!)


WorldFest Workshops will take you on a journey around the world and back again to the heart of Northern California – Gold Country. Celebrate, learn, grow, and play with us!


Full workshops schedule will be released soon and will be included in the festival program. Stay tuned to the Official 2018 Facebook Event for up-to-the-minute updates!


PRO FESTIVAL PARTICIPANT TIP: Be sure to arrive 5 mins early to workshops/classes whenever possible to have time to find your place and settle in. Some locations will have seating, some won’t (or you’ll be dancing anyways!) – so bring something comfortable to sit on if you need it, stay hydrated and eat well before movement/yoga workshops, and HAVE FUN! Look for a volunteer or staff member nearby any of the workshop locations if you have any questions.