Celebrate, learn, grow, and play with us!
Join us for 30+ eclectic workshops to add to your festival experience with hands-on learning, playing, and practicing. WorldFest workshops will take you on a journey around the world and back again to the heart.

Choose from yoga classes, health and wellness lectures, meditation, artist-led playshops, music & drum workshops including Ukulele and Accordion, Steel Drums and Brazilian Drumming and dance/movement offerings ranging from Ecstatic Dance, Yoga & Qi Gong Flow, Salsa Dancing to Tribal Belly Dance – and so much more!


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Leon Willis will be leading an ALPHABETEX class, which combines conscious breathing, martial arts, and graffiti art as a tool for self expression and conflict resolution. Participants can expect to engage in a low impact exercise that can be likened to a combination of self-defense, Tai-Chi, and yoga with the intention of moving energy and relieving stress.

Leon Willis’ unique approach to trauma-informed and mindfulness-based body movement is tailored to maximize the healing benefits for symptoms of trauma and other common mental health issues. Mr. Willis has a black belt in the Chinese martial art known as Shou Shu and he is a yoga teacher. Since 2013 he has been teaching Alphabetex, which combines conscious breathing, martial arts, and graffiti art as a tool for self expression and conflict resolution. Mr. Willis teaches yoga at a community oriented non-profit yoga studio that is accessible. He offers a trauma-informed class beyond the studio to adolescent and adult patients of a psychiatric hospital. Mr. Willis was trained through the Prison Yoga Project to teach yoga and mindfulness in prisons and jails and he volunteers to teach inmates of Folsom State Prison.


A Galactic Civilization Emerges on Earth Now

Joseph Irwin from the Cosmic Embassy will be discussing Ultra leading edge subjects and bringing it down to earth in an easy to understand package that is transformative and applies to everyone lives. Subject matter includes The fractal nature of the universe, hidden advanced technologies, the secret space program, Extra-Terrestrials, Law of Attraction, and how and why it is all important to understand together now at this time – Join us for a truly life-changing conversation! Last fifteen minutes will be open for questions from attendees as always!

Joseph Irwin is an Operatic/Jazz vocalist turned Researcher/Mentor/Expriencer on subjects like Universal/Fractal Mechanics, Hidden history, Secret Projects & programs, and Meditation and Spirituality. His unique experience and insights make him a master at weaving together all the different narratives and information coming out and painting the big picture for those seeking greater truth about the nature of reality and the universe. His mission is to bring more awareness into the places that have been shrouded in mystery throughout human history.


Body Percussion

This workshop created special for children is more like a initiation / exploration on rhythm and music. Using our major instrument called body I will teach different sounds that we can also making some music. The main goal of this workshop is creating your own connection with your own body and your own music. Group age 6 to 12 parents and older kids are welcome as well.

NorCal Curumim is a Brazilian Cultural Foundation based in northern California and, for the fourth year, has been putting together the Games on the Green inspire Brazilian Culture. The beautiful grass of the green kids’ meadow is full of fun as Bia Navarro lead the games and activities. NorCal Curumim’s sole purpose is to bring unity by serving the Foothills of North California community with an array of children and adults in Brazilian Arts. Bia Navarro, NorCal Curumim’s founder, has dedicated her life to educating children in the art of learning percussion, dance, Brazilian folklore, Portuguese and popular games. Games on the Green will have chill-out area, book tree, folkloric bean bag toss, daily soccer game match, musical discovery, creative toys, hula hoops, beach ball mania and MORE!


Brazilian Drumming Playshop

Let’s play! Brazilian drumming play shop ALL are invited! No experience to professional are bound to have fun with Victor and friends playing and dancing in community! He leads and teaches traditional Brazilian rhythms in a joyful and simple way. Reminding us to have fun be present and play with our hearts! Drums and percussion instruments are provided bringing your own is highly encouraged. If your heart’s beating come play with us!

Victor Vasquez is deeply passionate about sharing traditional Brazilian drumming rhythms and movement with all who feel the call to join. Victor is native to Lima, Peru he has over 20 years professional teaching and performance experience with Brazilian drumming and other Latin rhythms and styles with all types and ages of people. His positive vibrations and joy, support his love of bringing people together to play to learn and most of all to have fun! He reminds us to stay present in the moment and to play with our hearts. Being part of the Worldfest workshops is one of his favorite things to do! Vamos a tocar! (Let’s Play!)


Brazilian Dance Workshop


2 Workshops:

Deanna Figueira
A long-time leader of dance workshops at Worldfest, Deanna Figueira has been teaching Brazilian dance for over 20 years. Her passion for the music and dance styles from Bahia led her to visit and subsequently move there in 2005.She has studied with master teachers in both Brazil & the U.S. and directs Samba Lua, a Nevada County-based dance & drum company. Deanna teaches classes locally, and her company, Samba Lua, performs at various events and venues.

Marcela Rabelo
Born in Recife, Brazil, Marcela has been a dancer and performer of the Popular and Traditional Dances of Pernambuco for more than 15 years. She is a member of the Cia Artefolia (Recife – PE) and of the Maracatu Nação Pernambuco (Olinda – PE).

Marcela has collaborated with many dance groups and companies in the Pernambuco art scene, such as Balé Brasílica (Balé Popular do Recife), Criart Cia. de Dança, Balé Cultural de Pernambuco, Bantu Afro Brasileiro, Compassos Cia. de Dança e Grupo Experimental (Contemporary Dance). She has also participated in several art shows and festivals, and has been an instructor of rhythms froom Pernambuco like Maracatu, Frevo, Caboclinhos, Coco de roda, Ciranda and Xaxado, not only in Recife and across Brazil, but also in countries such as Argentina, Cuba, France and United States.

She is also dedicated to the study of the popular dances of her state and the encounter with different areas. She is a designer, Dance Specialist, Body Practices and Thoughts on the Body (Angel Vianna College – RJ) and Master of the Graduate Program in Anthropology (Federal University of Pernambuco), focused on research in dances in the ambit of popular culture.

Cacao Workshops with King Asa

2 Workshops:

How To Use Cacao

Ever wondered how to actually use cacao in the kitchen or on the go? In this workshop, we will learn the different forms of which cacao comes in. Also, we will learn how to use these different forms to make delicious drinks, snacks and food. Come learn and share about your experiences with Cacao!

Meditation and Cacao

Enter into a space of mindfulness, meditation, connection, and prayer. In this workshop we will have the opportunity to drop into ourselves and have a moment to consider, reflect and pray together with Cacao. You will have the opportunity to experience gratitude, the healthiest human emotion and also combining it with one of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet! Let’s come together, bring your prayers and challenges of life!


Andrew Anunciation is the owner of Cacao along based in San Diego, CA. his mission Is to share gratitude through Cacao. When living in Hawaii he noticed how cacao raised the vibe and connection to him and his friends upon sharing it. After starting the business he has continued to teach, facilitate and learn more from indengious people of Panama. Andrew continues to travel to Panama helping and learning more about cacao, the process, the plant and working with the land. Feel free to learn more and support at


Capoeira Água de Beber and Director/Founder Mestre Galego present an exciting introduction to the amazing art of capoeira. Kids and adults will have fun while learning steps, kicks, and cartwheels, all to the beat of live music. This class includes a little bit of every aspect of traditional capoeira, including dance, martial arts, drumming, acrobatics, language, history, and more. For children we include storytelling and games, while for adults we include partner acro lifts and discussion of societal issues that relate to the evolution of capoeira. We bring authentic musical instruments to our workshops, including the single-stringed berimbau that is characteristic of capoeira.

Mestre Patrick “Galego” Hilligan has been practicing capoeira since 1990 under the guidance of his teachers, Mestre Acordeon and Mestre Rã, becoming proficient in all the dance, music, martial arts, acrobatics, history, and more that are involved in this incredible art. In the year 2000 he graduated from his Mestres’ academy and opened his own school, becoming the first North American to do so. Since than he has continued to teach and operate his school in Sacramento, California, teaching over 8000 classes to date, and performing with his students all over Northern California. Galego has travelled to Brazil seven times, and speaks Portuguese fluently. He holds Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in Physical Education, and has taught capoeira at Sacramento State University. In 2013 he was awarded the title of Mestre, becoming one of only a few non-Brazilians to do so. In 2018 Mestre Galego published his book, Playing in the Light—My Journey with the Art of Capoeira, which chronicles his career and how he made his dreams come true.


Dance Workshops with Tomaj

2 Workshops:

Salsa Dancing

Salsa music and dancing is HOT and featured in clubs everywhere. Get in on all the fun in this playful and energetic class! You’ll get a great workout while dancing to some hot music. It’s a great way to connect with your current partner – or meet a new one! No experience necessary & NO PARTNER REQUIRED!

Contact Improvisation Dance

Contact dancing is a playful art form based on listening and responding to your partner in creative ways through physical contact. It involves sharing weight, leaning, rolling, lifting and enjoying contact with the floor. Come learn to interact physically with another body in motion, and to be moved by the moment of movement you share with your partner.

Tomaj Trenda has been teaching Salsa dancing for 20 years and is regarded as one of the top instructors in the U.S. He holds a Master’s degree in Dance and his passion is to spread the joy of dancing. A strong promoter of Live music, Tomaj hosts salsa parties in the Bay Area, and produces concerts for Latin bands from around the country. Websites:,


Dani Joy Music Workshops

3 Workshops:

Ukulele Brazil

Learn the catchy intro riff of the classic 1939 song Brazil made famous by Frank Sinatra using only 2 strings! No prior ukulele experience necessary and loaner ukuleles will be available for use on a first come basis. Come play along in a fun, communal style which is simple, easy to understand and a whole lot of fun!

World Strum

In this workshop we will explore a variety of strumming patterns in an evolutionary manner (building as we go). As we strum, I will discuss the nuances and mechanics of the strum, adding accentuated beats and leaving silent gaps to create fun syncopated rhythms from all around the world.

Ukulele La Vie en Rose

Learn to play a petite version of this beautiful melody on the ukulele one note at a time. Partial chord shapes will be shown to any student who wishes to advance their understanding of melody & harmony even further, and the full song will be provided for student’s who wish to pursue the song further at home.


Dani Joy is a California based singer/songwriter/instructor. Her world influenced musical style is soothing and romantic, blending old time jazz with Bossa nova/exotica genres. She is most noted for her crooning alto vocals and tasteful ukulele fingerpicking & accompaniment.

Soon after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design (Illustration 2010), her Dad Stu Herreid gave her a ukulele, opening an unexplored world of jazz and endless possibilities on four simple strings. Expressing her art through music, Dani has entranced audiences across the country, inviting them in with her velvet vocals and compassionate style of teaching. . Today she is diligently working on her next album of original songs, using events in her own journey as inspiration. Her second album is set to release in late 2019.


Digeridoo with Andjru

Andjru’s 9th year teaching at WorldFest! He will be providing instruments to learn basic and advanced techniques of this ancient instrument from Australia. From basic drone and vocalizations, to tongue articulated rhythms and circular breathing. This playshop is fun, informative and for the whole family!

Andjru Werderitsch has been playing and teaching the didjeridu since 1994. His life long connection to music and movement and then a subsequent interest in Aboriginal culture lead him to travel and live in Australia and New Zealand for several years. During which time he stayed in and visited Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory and Queensland. While travelling, Andjru also performed in schools, worked with special needs groups and taught Didjeridu in Darwin, Byron Bay, and Cairns, Aukland and Nelson N.Z. This is Andjru’s 9th year teaching his playshop at The California World Fest! Andjru is honored and excited to meet returning and new participants. For more information about Andjru, please visit:


Family Funk & Groove Dance

All ages. All skill level. All sizes. All people. For every body.

Feel like you want to funk it up and get jiggy with your family? Family Funk and Groove Dance is for every single body, little or big, young or wise. Give yourself the gift of sharing a special moment together, dancing together.

This class will start with a stretch/warm-up and include a final routine that integrates exploration with levels, pathways, and things that inspire us in life.

Chanthou Lam is a dance instructor for Nevada City School of the Arts and an independent artist, choreographer and collaborator. She obtained her BA in Dance/Theatre and an MS in Kinesiology from California State University, Sacramento. She is the artistic director of con·nec·tion DANCE | PROJECT, an after-school dance program that seek to create and perform dances using Afro-Cuban/Afro-Caribbean, modern, contemporary and funk dance technique. Chanthou moved to Grass Valley with her family three years ago. Her focus is to build up dancers’ self-confidence, integrate mindful conversations, and build alliances within the community and connect with others through the art of dance.


Gentle Yoga

JoDee’s Gentle Yoga class is an excellent way to start your day! The class includes meditation, chanting, deep breathing, stretching, massage and relaxation! Come away with happiness and joy!

JoDee has been sharing her Gentle Yoga with Worldfest since 2000. JoDee has been teaching Yoga and Dance to children and adults of all ages for 40 years! JoDee studied yoga at Expanding Light Ashram in Nevada City, and Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley. She has participated in the Yoga Journal Conferences in San Francisco for many years. She took classes with Sean Corn and Shiva Rea, as well as several other yoga instructors throughout the years. JoDee is a mother of three children and a grandmother of eight. She has done yoga with all of her children and grandchildren. She has worked with special needs children Of all ages and continues to share Yoga and Dance. She teaches Yoga and Dance in Arnold and in Murphys California.


Global Sacred Circle Dance

A circle has no beginning or end. Each participant is connected to the whole while firmly centered on his/her own feet, connected to heaven, earth and humanity. People have gathered in circles from ancient times to celebrate, play, mourn, and honor the cycles of life with music and movement. These dances originated in the Findhorn community of Northern Scotland in the 1970’s. They are now danced throughout the world. They reflect many moods and emotions, but are always done as a vehicle for healing, connection and joy. Our music is eclectic and reflects all cultures. We dance to a variety of old and contemporary music. A dance session may feature samplings of Greek, Turkish, Peruvian, Israeli, or African music and include music from artists likeMichael Franti or Enya. The repertoire of dances grows organically as people create new dances and share them from circle to circle- like storytelling of old. Though simple, the dances require some centeredness and focus. Each dance is taught and no prior experience is needed to jump in and enjoy the play. There are no mistakes, only variations!

Judy is a Brooklyn native who moved to Grass Valley in 1997 and loves the vibrant lifestyle of our foothill community. She was introduced to Circle Dancing when she lived in Central Vermont and looked for a circle when she moved here. Though there were many dance communities, none were like the dancing she did in Vermont. Several years ago she started a local bimonthly Circle dance group and enjoys as many dance camps and workshops as she can get to. Her local circle has participated in the World Circle Dance Day- an online global event. It was a blast teaching these dances at last year’s WorldFest.



Hoop Hoop Hooray!! Join the fun with Miss Emili and learn the basics of hula hooping and Maybe even a few off body tricks!! This workshop isn’t just for kids, parents welcome to join in as well!! Hula hooping is fun for everyone!!

Emili Reynolds is a Nevada County local and has made a career out of teaching children a variety of creative movement!! She is the tumbling/acro instructor at Center Stage Dance Studio and loves working with kids!!



How to Play the Accordion

The accordion is a very versatile instrument with the capability of playing the melody and the accompaniment at the same time. Accordions were once extremely popular in the United States. Recently, accordions are seeing a big resurgence in interest here, although they have continued to be very widely used in most other countries throughout the world. Michael will talk about how accordions work, demonstrate how accordions are used in many different styles of music, and give workshop attendees instruction on how to play the accordion. Workshop attendees will get the opportunity to actually strap on and play one of several accordions that Michael will bring to the workshop. There will be accordions of different sizes for different size people. This is going to be fun!!

Michael Gutin (AKA Accordion Mike) has been playing the accordion for six decades in a variety of musical styles including French, Italian, Irish, German, Russian, Klezmer, Cajun, Zydeco, Quebecois, Tex-Mex, Scandinavian, Classical, Tango, Bluegrass, Gypsy Jazz, American Standards, and Rock and Roll. Michael was the guest soloist with the San Luis Obispo Symphony Orchestra at their Concert by the Sea in Avila Beach, CA. Michael has performed and taught workshops at many music festivals and music camps including the Strawberry Music Festival, Live Oak Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, Joe Craven’s Rivertunes Music and Creativity Camp, Camp Kiya, and many others. Michael also teaches private lessons to students in person, or on Skype. For bookings or instruction, please call/text (805) 895-6884.


Laughter Yoga (Hasya) with Linda

Let’s gather together to laugh for no reason, get an easy aerobic work-out, meet new people, reduce stress and anxiety, add more joy and sparkle to life, enhance our mental and physical well-being and unify our world through laughter! This is not your traditional bendy, stretchy yoga, so no poses or floor work are involved. Our hour-long laughter session begins with gentle stretching, clapping, chanting and yogic breathing. Then we begin our “laughter exercises” which use playful acting and visualization methods to keep us laughing and making eye contact with one another. We wind down with our “laughter meditation” which allows us to enjoy the spontaneous flow of laughter we have created by the end of our session. Finally, we end with guided relaxation exercise and affirmations…and lots of bubbles and hugs! Laughter Yoga is adaptable to all abilities. Just wear comfortable clothing and a smile and join our joyful workout!

Linda Kalb Hamm, M.Ed., is a Certified Laughter Yoga University Teacher Trainer and Leader. She has been sharing laughter as the “best exercise for life” since 2012 and leading Laughter Yoga workshops at CA WorldFest since 2017.

Whether she is working with children, teens, adults, seniors, memory care patients, or health care professionals, she experiences the same childlike sense of delight as her students do, as they discover the relaxation and joy of unconditional laughter. From medical conferences to music festivals, her mission is to spread Laughter Yoga to promote health, joy, compassion and peace!


Michael Stone Shamanic Workshops

2 Workshops:

Embodied Shamanism Ecstatic Dance

Embodied Shamanism Ecstatic Dance with Michael Stone (dj Divine) Michael has been on the dancing path since 1972 when he first met Rave Queen and 5Rhythms creator Gabrielle Roth. He presents a unique combination of shamanic shape shifting and full on ecstatic dance. Michael is also the host of KVMR’s Conversations.

Shamanic Journeying Circle

Michael will again this year offer both a shamanic drumming circle and an ecstatic dance celebration.


Michael Stone is a Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Mentor, Journalist, and the host and producer of The Shift Network Shamanism Global Summit and KVMR’s Conversations. He interviews leading edge thinkers, authors and activists in the areas of Environmental Restoration, Social Justice, and Spiritual fulfillment. Michael spent most of his vocational life as a corporate Organizational Development Consultant, Communications Specialist, and Leadership Trainer. He has extensive training in somatic movement as a student of Gabrielle Roth since the 70’s, is a certified trainer in 5Rhythms, Trance Dance, and Soul Motion, and is a graduate of Sandra Ingerman’s Shamanic teachers program and worked with many other shamanic teachers around the world. Michael has been teaching and leading classes, teleseminars and workshops on Embodied Shamanism, Moving Meditation, Personal Growth and Spiritual Fulfillment for over 40 years. His shamanic drumming circles and embodied ecstatic dance are always a big hit at Worldfest.

For more information go to:

Moon Magic Yoga + Sound Journey

Opening meditation; kundalini breathwork; moderate-paced yoga practice combining mindful movement with astrology (cosmic aspects relevant to the moment); guided savasana (laying down) meditation/live sound bath

Integrating conscious movement and cosmic consciousness, MoonYoga’s intention is to ignite students to awaken their passion for movement, magic and sound vibration. Through breathwork (kundalini pranayama), intentional/devotional (bhakti) movement of yoga and closing with guided sound meditation, MoonYoga brings an experience of astral and cosmic alignments to the manifestation of alignment and divinity inherent within our own vessel, conduit, physical body.In remembering our divinity through the celestial stars and spheres, we come home to our own transformative powers of Source Energy through the magic and manifestation of thought, movement, healing.


Percussion Workshops with Pete Fairly

2 Workshops:

Middle Eastern Rhythms

Explore rhythms from the Middle East in this workshop series led by Pete Fairley of MeadowRock Percussion. Each day will have a different focus: on Friday we’ll play with the Baladi family of rhythms, on Saturday we contrast fast, driving rhythms with slow, sinuous rhythms, and on Sunday we’ll investigate unusual rhythms beyond 4-4 time. Drummers, dancers, instrumentalists, and listeners are all welcome to participate! Whether you bring your own doumbeck or djembe, or borrow one of Pete’s drums, you’ll walk away with a greater appreciation for the music of the Middle East!

Beyond 4-4!

Get ready to explore a vast new world of rhythm and music in this 3-day series led by Pete Fairley of MeadowRock Percussion! Adventuring “Beyond 4/4” will open fresh auditory vistas to enhance your listening pleasure! This rhythmic safari will investigate “unusual” rhythmic cycles from a variety of cultures, such as rupak (7 beats) and jhaptal (10 beats) from North India, or laz (7 beats) and karsilama (9 beats) from Turkey. Each session includes listening to examples from a range of musical styles, as well as playing these rhythms at different tempos. Open to all – drummers, instrumentalists, dancers, and listeners – who want to expand their understanding of rhythms across the globe! Some drums will be provided, and you are also encouraged to bring your own instruments!


From India and Africa to Brazil, Egypt and beyond, Pete Fairley’s MeadowRock Percussion explores music from across the globe. MeadowRock’s rhythmic voyages range from performances and recordings with a variety of traditional and world fusion musicians to classes, workshops, and drum circles that share many musical flavors with students. Pete’s teachers include Zakir Hussain, Layne Redmond, Thakur Chakrapani Singh, Babatunde Olatunji, and Emam. Noting that the natural world surrounds us with rhythm, and that our bodies are filled with rhythms, his teaching philosophy can be summed up by the phrase, “If your heart is beating, then you’re a drummer too!”


Musical Co-Exploration

(for children 5 months to 5 years)

Music is the first thing humans connect to (the sound of their mother’s voice, and the rhythm of their own heart beat), and the last thing we forget. When you sing and dance with your child their intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall development is engaged. When your child is in a session with Miss Emma she invites them to be as excited, curious, loud, and silly as they truly are.

Throughout our 30 minutes session, your children will…

Discover how their hands and feet can be awesome instruments , Investigate cause and effect relationships with instruments through touch and sound,
Dance and sing with new friends

Join Miss Emma to create a musical culture with your children!

When she was two, Emma sang before her eyes opened in the morning. By thirteen, she was writing music and performing in bands across the states. At nineteen, she realized the healing potential that music could have and co-founded Girls Rock Sacramento.

After performing and teaching for ten years, she discovered that celebrating who she is now meant merging her love of music with her degree in Human Development.

Emma believes that children are intrinsically motivated to make music, and it’s her job to facilitate experiences that empower those abilities.

“One, two, three, four!” Miss Emma counts off, the youngest child in the group (5 months) lifts up their shaker, a four-year-old girl stands up to stomp her feet, and they sing, “Good day to the earth, good day to the sun…” Children move their arms like wings as they say good day to the birds, then the song comes to a close “good day to you, good day to me!” and they’re off to explore!


Native Song – Sing and Celebrate at the Pow Wow Drum with Feather River Singers

“When you sing, you pray double.” Teja saying. Come experience singing and drumming Native American songs at a pow wow drum with Pamela Ames and Feather River Singers members Anna Eyre and Kathleen Shain. The energy and good intentions of Native Song re-energize and uplift. Learn basic pow wow drum protocol at the drum. Learn Native American songs.



Play of Gravity

In Contact Improvisation gravity is our navigation system, compass and playing field-a force that helps us tune to ourselves and our dance partners. Practice tuning to the subtle sensation of gravity to deliberately play with this force and create more possibilities and connection in your dancing. By sensing gravity you will learn to draw upon momentum, move with greater ease and efficiency and be fully present with your dance partners.

We will work from the ground up, learning practices to become more comfortable with moving at a low level, transitioning from high to low levels and understanding how to allow for lifts in your dances to happen effortlessly. In these practices, you will learn to allow the force of gravity to carry you, become familiar with disorientation and surrender into the unknown of improvisational dancing. Learning to sense gravity will help you become aware of held places in your body and open pathways to connect more deeply with each person you come into contact with.

Since childhood, movement is the way Rebecca best expresses herself. Her early years were spent moving freely, creating spontaneously, leading to a formal training in modern and contemporary dance. During her years in NYC as a freelance performer a yearning for something deeper lead her to the studio, asking, “Body, what wants to be expressed through you today?“ Through this her yearning was met, an authentic journey embarked. This inquiry continually informs her teaching, as does her 15 years of experience studying and practicing Contact Improvisation.


Qi Gong Flow-ments

Qi Gong is a gentle, meditative, relaxing, energizing, flowing exercise and healing system. You won’t need any prior experience. It is essential to begin each session with the basics, and then structure our sessions in a way that maximizes healing. In addition to working on Qi Gong foundation, we’ll explore and start learning to play with the oldest Qi Gong systems around. You’ll get to identify what feels best for you, and cherry pick the juiciest exercises for your ongoing healing long after the fat lady sings ;^) Curious about what the oldest Qi Gong systems are? Curious about what Qi Gong feels like, and what it can do for your well-being? Me too. . . Always! So come on out, we all get to cultivate beginner’s mind together ;^) PLUS. . . email me prior to the WorldFest, and I’ll get you a foundational instructional video that my Daoist Master put together so you can get started right away, and have an awesome resource for the rest of your life: This is gonna be awesome!

Dear Ones, I’m so looking forward to sharing the fruits of my 26 years studying and practicing Qi Gong and Tai Ji Chuan (aka. Tai Chi) with you in the middle of the Awesome Sauce that is WorldFest! I am an AcuPunk (L.Ac.) in private practice in Auburn, CA, and part of a Daoist Healing Lineage of Chinese Medicine that goes back many millennia. I’ll be sharing gems and goodies from that healing lineage during our time together that will give you a chance to fall in love with movement, and empower your capacity to bring healing and well-being alive in your life. When you get exposed to the essence and philosophy underneath the practice, the practice comes alive and our love for it deepens. When that can happen, then our whole life becomes a chance to cultivate our Qi; which means we get to celebrate each moment of our precious lives together, and bring more well-being into each moment for the enjoyment of all.


Rhythm & Flow

A Live Music Vinyasa Yoga experience for all levels that you don’t want to miss! Join us as we give mindful attention to our needs, our communities’ health, and our connected global well-being, all set to enchanting meditative beats and melodies spanning the continents. Shen weaves elements of ancient African rhythm, live instrumentation, and ethereal soundscapes with Cara’s heartwarming creative yoga flows. This dynamic duo creates a collaborative foundation for centering the body, mind, and heart. The intention of this class is to invite you to find freedom in yourSelf as you explore movement with music, to offer a holistic one-of-a-kind experience on your yoga mat, and to get you back to who you really are one breath and one beat at a time.

With 10 years of teaching experience, Bay Area Local Yoga Teacher, Cara Edwards leads with her heart and believes yoga should be accessible to everyBODY. Cara is known for creative and intuitive sequencing that always leaves her participants feeling at home in their bodies. With special attention to modifications and clear instructions, Cara guides a deep class that is inviting to all levels of practitioner. Bay Area musician, Shen Hunt, brings international training in Traditional West African Drumming and Rhythm together with decades of multi-instrumental performance and electronic production. His infectious grooves, intrinsic melodies, and supportive rhythms create a mesmerizing soundtrack to your odyssey of self-exploration, wellness, and awareness. Together, Cara and Shen bring 4 years of collaboration leading live music yoga experiences across the country. Their classes are designed to connect you to your center through collaborative music and creative movement. They create an experience that is rich in heart, soul, and intention with a side of rhythm & funk! Their classes leave participants inspired to bring their best selves to share with the world.




Yoga and dance are ancient practices. Both are tools used to prime the body for action, to clear and center the mind, to celebrate, to pray, to mourn, to mark the milestones of life . . . to connect deeply with our selves, with one another and with the higher power.

As contemporary humans, we are overwhelmed with obligations and distractions that continually carry us further from understanding all that is already housed within us. The age of “connecting” has us more isolated and lonely than ever.

Breath, movement, rhythm, and community are our birthrights as human beings. Weaving together yoga and dance, rEVOLVE helps us REMEMBER and step onto the path forged by our ancestors . . . to creatively embody this life.

We will breathe deeply, stretch, dance, play, express, connect, sweat, and celebrate.

This is a class for every body.

A dedicated educator, Jennie Pitts Knipe has taught creative movement, dance and yoga classes throughout the western states and abroad for over two decades. She earned her MFA in Dance from the University of Colorado, her BA in Dance & English Literature from the University of Oregon, and completed her yoga instructor training at the Shambhava Yoga Konalani Ashram. Based in the Reno/Tahoe region, she passionately applies her skills as a teacher and dance maker to help others CONNECT . . . with their own bodies, with one another, with the environment, and with their limitless capacity to express and evolve from the heart.

Jennie is inspired by how humans relate to one another through movement and is constantly looking to cultivate joy, humor and healing in both her art and in her classroom.


Rhythm Revival

Rhythm Revival is a fun and informative class for anyone interested in sound, rhythm, music and their beneficial effects. We’ll experience and discuss how rhythm attracts, entrains, calms, inspires and heals us. We will speak rhythm and learn body drumming patterns that will expand your sense of time, test your perception, and challenge your awareness. We will also play some quiet improvisational music – bring drums and percussion. Rhythm Revival connects Body, Speech and Mind through the spirit of music, developing coordination, focus and teamwork.

Kim Atkinson is an internationally recognized percussion artist, teacher and group facilitator who uses sound, rhythm and noble intention for personal and group transformation. He has accompanied master artists from around the world since the 1980’s and has recorded and performed with healing music pioneers Steven Halpern, Sophia, Constance Demby, Steve Kindler and many others. His 1996 instructional video on an obscure Cuban Carnaval rhythm received a rare 5 star review from Modern Drummer magazine. Kim co facilitated with Micky Hart the 2004 Guinness World Record Drum Circle : 4374 drummers. In 2006, 2007 and 2008, Kim accompanied presenters at the International Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe NM and presented his own work there in 2008. He has over 8 hours of World Percussion music lessons available for download at his site

Samba Headdress Making

In this workshop you will learn how to make your own Carnival Samba Headdress using feathers, bead, sequins, fabric, a headband and a hot glue gun. We will provide all of the materials for you so you can bring home your beautiful creation. There will be assistance to help you with the hot glue so children are welcome to join.

Both the study of dance and fashion have been a part of my life since I was a young girl and nothing has changed to this day. My name is Susan and I have lived in Northern California for almost twelve years after moving here from the Midwest to deeper explore what this beautiful world had to offer. With a background in ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance I was hungry for more variety. When I moved to Berkeley, CA I found exactly that. I dove deep into world dance, taking as many different classes as I could while working in the fast paced fashion industry. I eventually moved to Nevada City and was grateful to continue my studies in Brazilian dance. With a degree in Fashion Merchandise and Design, I continue to keep my hands busy at home on my sewing machine. Our performance dance group, Samba Lua, had the chance to make our own Samba tops and headdresses this past year and I’m excited to share that fun with the community at the 2019 CA WorldFest.


Singing Alive + Herbal Alchemy Circle

Nessa Lee and ClarifEye collaborate to create a unique container where Singing Alive-style improvisation, group singing, herbal tea blends, crystal and flower essences, and ritual all weave together. Drawing on their individual and collective experiences as musicians, song writers and circle leaders, and accompanied by musical maestro Jon Monargent, Nessa Lee and ClarifEye hold a grounded, playful space where everyone is given permission to show up exactly as they are and learn from the sacred songs. Everyone is a singer, and all levels of experience with group singing are welcome! You are wholeheartedly invited to come sing, laugh, cry, imbibe, and feel in your body the magical liberation that occurs when we offer our hearts and Sing ourselves Alive!

Claire Hughes (ClarifEye) and Nessa Lee combine their individual and collective talents as musicians, song writers, and small group leaders, as well as their devotion to the tradition of circle singing, to create their Singing Alive + Herbal Alchemy Song Circles. Claire Hughes is an eclectic independent artist, whose iconic vocals can be compared to Macy Gray and Aaliyah. In reference to her act “ClarifEye,” Hughes says, “it’s my musical web weaving of creation through sound, song & soul from the heart.” ClarifEye draws on the influences of alternative, ukulele, conscious lyrics, and lounge music to create her sound. Check out ClarifEye’s music at: Link

Soul Shake Ecstatic Dance

Come shake it loose to an eclectic 90 min mix of world music, funk, bass, electronic and house dj’d live by Medicine Heart (Luke Anderson). Ecstatic Dance is an opportunity to show up however you are, and move however you want to, free from concerns about how you might think you look or are supposed to be.

Dj Medicine Heart (Luke Anderson) is cofounder of Soul Shake, an ecstatic dance that happens every Sunday morning in Chico, CA that recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Luke djs regularly for ecstatic dance in Chico and west coast festivals and this will be his 9th consecutive year at worlfest.

Spirit of Water & Song

 Spirit of Water and Song

This workshop is an introduction to the power of water and song together. Come and fill your body with the light of music! We will gather together in a circle and create a space for vocal improvisation (spontaneous music) to happen. You will be guided lovingly and skillfully as you are offered some useful practices for creating song in the moment, as well as energy hygiene for your luminous body. We will learn how to infuse water with song for the purpose of re-connection and thriving.

Linda Stonestreet works with the spirit of water & music

She is a ten-year initiate in Andean traditions of the Q’ero, Vilcabamba and Cusco regions where she’s made many expeditions and pilgrimages (being mentored by Marti Spiegelman, Jose Luis Herrera), Himalayan traditions with Larry Peters PhD and Aama Bombo (13 grandmothers). She is also a two-year initiate in Rhiannon’s Vocal River traditions. She brings her power as a song-carrier and water-tender to the fore in her new offering; Spirit of Water & Song. Her vision is to be part of reconnecting the broken relationship we have with water and song. 

 So far in 2019

Earlier this year she finished a 6-week stint with purposeful singers in Lisa Forkish’s WeSing A-capella Choir, culminating in a performance at Freight & Salvage. Studied Canoe Songs for 8 days, learning from Pura Fe & Rhiannon. She is in process of writing and recording her 4th album titled #SeedsAndAsh, an album about the River Fire, part of the Mendocino complex that scorched 400 Sq Miles of Northern California and burned over half of her land in 2018. She is presently working in a NAPA VALLEY Rock N Roll Band called A Tall Order, who will be at The Lucky Penney Theatre in Napa July 12th and  Napa PORCHFEST July 28th.

A California Native

Stonestreet believes music has purpose; to open hearts and weave the fabric of society in harmony with mother Earth. Developing Song as ritual is her growing edge and is as important as the folk, gospel and vocal improvisation she loves. Of the 100 songs she’s written, of which 40 are published, her favorites are the tunes about places that informed her music, places where wisdom is encoded in beauty.


Tantra Yoga with Brooke

2 Workshops:

The Radiant Soul: Intro to Tantra Yoga

Get a taste of what Tantra Yoga is really about. Often misrepresented in our modern culture, classical tantra is an ancient science that explores one’s purpose + power while learning how to live happily (and peacefully) in an ever-changing world. The Radiant Soul is an empowering asana practice filled with techniques that will not only enhance your time at Worldfest but give insight that you can bring home with you for future delectable experiences. All levels are welcome.

Activate the Moon: Intro to Tantra Yoga

Experience how Tantra Yoga can be a spectrum of strong and steady, fluid and free. This practice will enliven and replenish both your body and your mind, giving you the perfect balance to fully enjoy your time at the festival. All levels are welcome. Bring a cushion, pillow, blanket or something to sit on at the end of practice.


The Wild Temple School of Yoga & Herbal Wisdom provides a sacred healing space for practice and education on yogic wisdom, mediation, mantra, tantra and herbal medicine. The healing benefits of the plants and the wisdom of the Himalayan sages are shared in order to build community, educate, empower, and inspire, and to help those find their path (dharma) and assist them with the courage to fulfill that path. The Wild Temple is a Yoga Alliance Registered School and provides Yoga Teacher Trainings and Herbal Certification courses led by Brooke Sullivan and Amy Branum, AHP.


Acro Yoga Workshops with Tamara Vodovov

2 Workshops:

Healing with Kind Touch ~ Lunar AcroYoga and Thai Massage

Human touch is incredibly healing, because it nurtures and calms us. In this workshop you will receive the stress-reducing benefits of being in touch with your partner as you explore partner yoga, therapeutic AcroYoga and Thai Massage.

Connect with a partner as you give and receive assisted stretching, similar to some yoga postures, and experience a weightless massage using gravity to assist in creating traction and extension in the receivers body.

As a receiver, allow your body to open and surrender to a new rush of energy. As the giver, benefit from the gentle and easy techniques of movement similar to yin Yoga and the generation of compassion and loving kindness. Please bring a partner with whom you feel comfortable being in close contact, or be open to work with a new friend. You will leave the workshop feeling the bliss of having had a great yoga practice as well as a great massage.

Acro Yoga for Every Body

Explore a playful way to connect with others and feel great! AcroYoga is a partner practice that blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the kindness of Thai Massage. These dynamic group exercises are designed to cultivate trust, playfulness, and community, while building strength, balance and flexibility.
Break the ice and get comfortable with partner yoga practices as we embody the foundational skills of AcroYoga, such as: finding your center of gravity, aligning your bones with your partner, and efficient use of your strength. Come and enjoy group warm up games, building strength with partners, and exciting AcroYoga flying!

This workshop is open to all levels of ability, its a safe and inclusive space for diverse humans, excellent for beginners from all walks of life, no previous experience required.


Tamara has been dedicated to yoga and spirituality practices since she was a teenager in Cali Colombia. Yoga has shaped her life and the way she cares for herself, cultivating mindfulness, loving attention and joy in every simple act of life. Tamara is very passionate about sharing yoga, helping and supporting others to find peace, comfort and loving acceptance of their own bodies and inner worlds. Today her focus is partner practices such as AcroYoga and Thai massage. She believes partner practices offer a safe space to fulfill our needs for human contact, heal our sense of separation, learn how to communicate with kindness and feel empowered by trusting and lifting each other.

Throat Chakra: Find Your Voice & Tell Your Story with Katy Avila

We all use our words and voices to communicate every day–sometimes better than others. We all have stories–stories we tell others, stories we tell ourselves, and stories we don’t dare tell anyone at all. And, we’ve all felt unable to express ourselves, felt unheard and unseen.

Whether you are a published author, or someone who considers themselves a terrible writer with nothing important to say, this workshop will serve as a sacred space for creativity, expression, self-reflection, meditation, catharsis, connection, community–all practices and experiences that contribute to our transformation. It will include reading, writing, discussion, group sharing, meditation/visualization, singing, and body movement (probably dancing), all designed to help you tap into your voice and unlock the stories within that are waiting to be told. You will gain all that you are open to.

Finding your voice and the stories you desire to express are an essential part of being human. If you have felt called to writing or storytelling for any reason at all, this workshop is for you.

KATY AVILA is a writer, mentor, teacher and musician living in Oakland, CA. Katy has taught literature and writing at all levels — from grade school to graduate school — and currently teaches high school English and creative writing. Her personal interests in dance, music, and spiritual practices intersect with her academic and professional experience to create a transformative writing approach that is embodied, meditative, and cathartic. She hosts workshops in the Bay Area and at local festivals.

Katy graduated with a BA in English from UC Riverside and an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University. She writes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and songs.


Marija and Troupe Rebellyon Belly Dance Workshops

2 Workshops:

Tribal Bellydance with Drums

Come and join hands and hearts and learn timeless belly dance moves to tribal rhythms. Stretch, move, and slide with basic and intermediate dance steps. We will include a range of dance steps from slow and sinewy up to high energy shimmies along with live drums. Come play and have fun with this unique dance form that has survived many centuries.
**Pete Fairly and Bert Levy have been our drummers in the past and I have contacted them and they are available to help with the workshop.

BellyDancing with Veils

We will use simple but dramatic moves with colorful veils as we dance and create a kaleidoscope of colors. Learn how to wear, move, and dance with a veil. Dance moves incorporating the veil such as spins and twists are all part of this fun and creative workshop. Bring your favorite veils or there will be extra provided.


Marija has been a dancer and a teacher for many years in Northern California. She feels that dance is a metaphor for life; like dance we can learn to move through our lives with grace, courage, and compassion. She is currently a member of the Troupe “Rebellyon” and enjoys the connection with other dancers. She feels extremely fortunate to dance with the many talented drummers that add richness and vitality to this ancient but relevant dance form.

Yoga & Herbal Workshops

2 Workshops:

Herbal Allies for the Resistance: Remedies for strengthening the body and reducing stress

In order to fight for your cause-whether it is overthrowing the patriarchy or simply being good parent, you will always perform better when you are more resistant to stress and can maintain a strong body and immune system. This class will provide many tips and remedies to support these needs along with longevity herbs, practices, and flower essences.

Using Flower Essences to Empower your Life

What are the blocks that are holding you back in this life? Flower essences help to release emotional traumas and blocks that keep us from fulfilling our life purpose. They can provide help on discovering what your purpose is or getting past those hang ups prevent us from success. Come discover remedies that can change your life and experience connecting with the plants and some essences in the class meditations.


Amy Branum is an herbalist, Ayurvedic practitioner, flower essence therapist, and mother with a deep passion for plants, their medicine, and the amazing transformations they can inspire in people. Amy holds a degree in Biology and has been working with herbal medicine since 2000. She is a Registered Herbalist through the American Herbalist Guild and is currently the lead teacher for the herbal programs at The Wild Temple School of Yoga & Herbal Wisdom. She has a clinical practice, Lasya Wellness & Vitality, at the Integrated Ayurveda Clinic in Grass Valley, CA to help clients of all ages to achieve their fullest potential of happiness and well being with herbs, flower essences, diet and lifestyle.

The Wild Temple School of Yoga & Herbal Wisdom provides a sacred healing space for practice and education on yogic wisdom, mediation, mantra, tantra and herbal medicine. The healing benefits of the plants and the wisdom of the Himalayan sages are shared in order to build community, educate, empower, and inspire, and to help those find their path (dharma) and assist them with the courage to fulfill that path. The Wild Temple is a Yoga Alliance Registered School and provides Yoga Teacher Trainings and Herbal Certification courses led by Brooke Sullivan and Amy Branum, AHP.


Yoga Workshops with James Kapicka

2 Workshops:

Yin-Thai Yoga Massage

Come play and experience the bliss of using your hands to serve others through the healing act of conscious contact. Join James to intuitively connect with others using compassionate touch and intuitive listening. Deepen your energetic awareness through breath connection, partner yin and Thai yoga massage. Together we will co-create a safe environment and cultivate trust by seeing and supporting the goodness in one another.

Embodied Yin the Art of Surrender

Journey into the water-like quality of your fascia and organs in this ceremony to honor the moon. Join James on a journey of sound and surrender as you are guided through deep places in your body and realigned on a cellular level through the healing vibration of music. This ceremony is intended to be an offering of the heart and exploration of the soul, providing you with a space to heal and explore. Come allow yourself to be, to breathe and to receive the alchemical effects of yin yoga and live music while exploring the landscape of your inner universe.


James Kapicka (AKA YogaJames) is an embodiment facilitator, yoga ambassador and Thai massage practitioner with a passion for bringing people together to play, explore and connect. He offers sacred yoga ceremonies intended to facilitate personal growth and collective healing through the unconditionally giving of authentic Self in a way that protects innocence and promotes curiosity, exploration and expression. James creates an environment that empowers students to embody their integrity, trust their intuition and listen to their heart.



Yoga / Meditation Workshops with Sierra & Travis

2 Workshops:

Mantra Meditation

Join Mantra Meditation for a transformational exploration that is sure to enhance your festival experience. Activating your sense of well being, leaving you more grounded, centered, and aware. In this workshop you will be guided through simple meditation techniques as tools to use in your day to day life. We will tap into the power of affirmation, visualization, and toning through our energy centers (chakras). A beautiful experience accompanied by the sound/ theory of music. No previous experience necessary.

Reiki Yoga

Reiki is an powerful energy healing modality, when combined with yoga allows healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki Yoga is a transformational experience through practice of clear intention providing space for sacred self care, presence, and awareness. This class will help *cleanse and release stagnant blockages and increase vital life force energy, bringing more harmony and balance. Accompanied by live music. Class suitable for All levels.

This dynamic duo based out of Placerville, California are dedicated to inspiring positive transformation for all walks of life through healing arts, and music. Sierra is a Mental Health Worker, Trained Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Instructor, Director of Vibrancy Rising. Travis is a multi- faseted Artist and Musician. Together creeating community offerings such as Park Play, Communty Cleansing Club, Art Waks, and Open Mics, traveling to various schools to teach meditation to choir classes and beyond.