Volunteer at WorldFest

“World Fest Volunteers are the most fun volunteers to work with. I expect and receive the best from our volunteers, and many shine above and beyond expectations. People really care. I have met some really fantastic people because of the volunteers. The volunteer experience includes a love for teamwork, cooperation, creativity, and a love for the festival. There is a joyful atmosphere that is contagious, and the smiles keep on giving throughout the festival and beyond!”

Volunteers in 2019
California Worldfest volunteers


How do I attend WorldFest for FREE?

Commit to One Shift (4 hour minimum) = 1-Day Pass valid on day worked only.

If you work 2 shifts in one day, you get the pass for that day plus another day of your choice.


What do I do when I arrive?

Each day that you are scheduled to work as a volunteer, go to Gate 4 (off McCourtney) to obtain a wristband for that day. The volunteer team will greet you and provide any remaining information such as where to report. After that, you will proceed to your Shift Assignment, and your Shift Supervisor will check you into the system.

How do I volunteer at WorldFest

Registration is now live! Follow the link to register with Volunteer Matters. At this time, we do not charge volunteers any kind of deposit or fee. Help us keep it that way by communicating any last-minute cancellations, tardiness, etc. ASAP!

Something has come up and my plans changed

 If you are marked absent, you will not be granted entrance the following day, and may be suspended from volunteering in the future. At this time, we do not charge volunteers any kind of deposit or fee. Help us keep it that way by communicating any last minute cancellations, tardiness, etc, ASAP!

When will I know if I have been accepted as a volunteer?

The Volunteer Coordinator, a Team Lead or Shift Supervisor will reach out to you before the festival with volunteer assignment information. Volunteers will be sent additional information by email closer to the festival with more details. Stay tuned, and check-in if you don’t hear anything from your team lead.

What should I bring?

Yourself. A reusable water bottle. there are no one-time-use water bottles sold at WorldFest. Free hydration stations are located throughout the festival grounds. No GLASS allowed.

Do I need to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to volunteer?



Click on the “Sign up to volunteer now!” button below which takes you to our “Volunteer Interest Sign-up” portal.  Click the volunteer button and fill out the form. If you are having trouble filling out the registration form, please email the Volunteer Coordinator