Volunteering at WorldFest



“World Fest Volunteers are the most fun volunteers to work with. I expect and receive the best from our volunteers, and many shine above and beyond expectations. People really care. I have met some really fantastic people because of the volunteers. The volunteer experience includes a love for teamwork, cooperation, creativity, and a love for the festival. There is a joyful atmosphere that is contagious, and the smiles keep on giving throughout the festival and beyond!” ~ Marni Marshall, WorldFest Volunteer Team Lead


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California WorldFest Volunteer FAQs

Q: How can I attend WorldFest for FREE?
A: WorldFest Volunteers have 2 options for gaining festival entry:
Option A:

4 shifts of 4-5 hours each (16-20 hours total commitment) = Full festival pass with the option of camping add-on

Option B:

2 shifts of 4-5 hours each (8-12 hours) = 2 day pass (valid on days worked only)

At this time, we do not charge volunteers any kind of deposit or fee. Help us keep it that way by communicating any last minute cancellations, tardiness, etc ASAP!


Q: But how do I actually get in once I’m there?
A: Each day that you are scheduled to work as a volunteer, you will go to your Entrance Gate (Gate 4 off McCourtney Road for camping volunteers, Gate 8 off Brighton Street for Day Volunteers) for that day’s wristband.

After that, you will proceed to your Shift Assignment, and your Shift Supervisor will check you in using the InitLive app.

If you are marked absent, you will not be granted entrance the following day, and may be suspended from volunteering in the future.


Q:When will I know if I have been accepted as a volunteer?
A: The Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to everyone who has thoroughly completed the registration process by February 28th, 2019 with further communication.

Beginning in May, weekly communications will turn into more frequent communications.

Make sure to check your email or send us an email if you have any concerns!


Q: Are there any special instructions for volunteers arriving at the festival, such as where to park, what to wear, etc?
A: On Thursday morning, Camping Volunteers check in at “South Gate” just past Gate 4 on McCourtney Rd. Beginning Thursday afternoon, this moves to the Gate 4 Camping HQ/Box Office location.  (For camping info, go HERE)

Day Volunteers enter at Gate 8 off of Brighton St. and park in the Horse Arena.
PARKING IS LIMITED – please carpool or ride your bike if possible! Check out RideVu.com for carpooling coordination to the festival!

The Volunteer Team will greet you and provide any remaining information such as where to report.

Team Leads should reach out to you before the festival with specific instructions about your position.

No one-time use water bottles will be sold at WorldFest!

Bring your reusable water bottles! NO GLASS bottles are allowed! Free hydration stations are located throughout the festival and camp grounds. 


Volunteers will be sent additional information by email closer to the festival with more details. Stay tuned, and check-in if you don’t hear anything from your team lead.


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns by sending us an email at volunteer@nullworldfest.net! 


Don’t forget to join the WorldFest Volunteer Facebook Group to stay in touch and connect with other volunteers and crew!