WorldFest 2021: Update #2

We miss you. We miss music, we miss concerts, we miss our friends, and we know this announcement will break many hearts. Please know that we were hoping for better news but it seems that it is impossible- not safe- for us to plan a full four-day festival for thousands of attendees at this time.

There will not be a full four-day California WorldFest in 2021.

We are working to present a celebration of world music on WorldFest Day on July 17th. We are hoping the day can be live and in person. We have secured a location, are working on an awesome lineup, and are preparing a plan for an outdoor concert that would need to be approved by the county.

WorldFest Day is our way of saying thanks and will be free to 2020 ticket holders. We want to thank you for your support, helping to save the music, and keeping California WorldFest alive. If you can’t attend WorldFest Day, don’t worry as all events will be broadcast live.

None of us expected that COVID19 would affect WorldFest for a second year. Most of all, I think of the people at the top of this page- our WorldFest Family. Stage managers, volunteers, artists, and production crews that will be without income for 18 months. This is hard. Harder than any of us thought possible.

This will be another challenging year for us but we can get through this together. We’ll see you on the other side and we can’t wait.

For 2020 ticket holders, your tickets will automatically transfer to California WorldFest 2022. AND your ticket is good for WorldFest Day on July 17 whether virtual or in person!

Thank you for supporting California WorldFest! Look for more updates on WorldFest Day happening on July 17th, 2021!

WorldFest 2021: Update #1

Traditionally, tickets would be going on sale this week for WorldFest 2021. We truly want to present the festival in person, under the tall pines, at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, but a lot remains uncertain.

In the coming weeks we will be meeting with the venue and county officials to discuss opportunities for a summer festival. We just don’t know what that might look like.

We want to further the tradition that is California WorldFest with all of you, but we don’t feel that we have enough information to plan a gathering at this time. We will be holding off on any formal announcements or ticket sales until January when we have more details about what might be possible.

Thank you to all of you that are working hard to stay connected through music. We wish all of you, your families and loved ones, a safe and healthy Holiday season and we look forward to joining with you in song and dance.