Find Your Voice: Opening the Throat Chakra with Katy Avila

Find Your Voice: Opening the Throat Chakra with Katy AvilaFind Your Voice: Opening the Throat Chakra with Katy Avila


Many different practices, from shamanism to Jungian psychology, recognize the practice of automatic writing, or writing without thinking, as a natural, meditative process in which words rise from a subconscious or spiritual source.


Though many people dislike writing or think they don’t know how to write, the inability to automatically write actually suggests psychic blocks and imbalances in the throat chakra as there is a lack of ability to communicate and express oneself.


In this workshop, attendees will participate in a series of group meditation, chanting, and prompted/unprompted writing exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to open up our throat chakra and see what organically arises from within when we put our pen to paper and enter that flow state.


Katy Avila is a writer, mentor, teacher, singer and musician living in Oakland, CA. Katy has taught writing to children, adults, and professionals across various academic and community settings because she believes all humans are writers by nature. By engaging with the power of stories and words, Katy’s workshops create space for change–change in how we view ourselves, each other, the world–and space for personal, collective and cultural healing. Her interests in yoga, music, and spirituality intersect with her teaching experience to create a transformative writing approach that is embodied, meditative, and cathartic.


Embodied Shamanism Ecstatic Dance with Michael Stone

Embodied Shamanism Ecstatic Dance with Michael StoneEmbodied Shamanism Ecstatic Dance with Michael Stone (djDivine)


Michael Stone has been on the dancing path since 1972 when he first met Rave Queen and 5Rhythms creator Gabrielle Roth. He presents a unique combination of shamanic shape-shifting and full-on Ecstatic Dance. Catch him Friday morning at Ponderosa Hall! Michael is also the host of local radio show, KVMR’s Conversations.

Ecstatic Dance Wave with DJ Medicine Heart

Soul Shake Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance Wave with DJ Medicine Heart

Join DJ Medicine Heart for Saturday morning Ecstatic Dance! Ecstatic Dance is a space where people are invited to move however they want to; free to play, free to dive in deep, free to inhabit their bodies and hearts, free from concern about how they might look on the outside, free to be fully themselves!


DJ Medicine Heart opens the space by creating specific intentions and themes into each unique set, and create waves of music that journey through a range of musical genres, including world, funk, gypsy, dub, breakbeat, house, glitch, bass, broken beat, downtempo and leftfield.

Django Jazz Ukulele with Danielle Herreid

Django Jazz UkeleleDjango Jazz Ukulele with Danielle Herreid


Inspired by Django Reinhardt, learn slides, bends, ghost notes and chromatic approaches with these easily-executed Django-jazz riffs. Add a touch of attitude to any genre of music with these helpful licks!

Dancehall with Chantou Lam

Dancehall with Chantou LamDancehall with Chantou Lam


Uplift your spirit. Energize your body. Feed your soul.


Brought on by the pure energy, spontaneity and creativity of the Jamaican people partying in the streets, clubs, and homes – this perfect environment gave rise to Dancehall. The gritty, mesmerising and extremely energetic dance style is from the people and for the people. It is a dance that is more of a culture than genre. Dancehall helps to make parties and stage performances more energetic combining all of rhythms from various traditional instruments and more so from electronic sources, as of late. It involves many different individual dances that will be connected into one celebratory dance phrase!

Children’s Hoop Dance Class with Emily Reynolds

Children's Hoop DanceChildren’s Hoop Dance Class with Emily Reynolds


Learn the basics of body hooping as well as some off body hoop dance tricks – for kids! At the end of class there will be free hoop dance time to practice what you’ve learned and let the body and hoop flow freely!! This class will be for all levels of children and is offered to promote health and creativity!

Battle of Santiago

Battle of Santiago

“…a dazzling mix of Afro-Cuban music, electronics and post rock.” –


“…diverse musical roots of Latin, hip hop, jazz, rock, dub, and experimental crop up throughout… …fans of Latin beat, experimental Afro­Cuban concoctions, and urban new age will love Followed By Thousands no matter where they (or you) are from.” – Inside World Music


“…fluid and engaging, no matter what your mindset.” – Now Magazine


Toronto-based group Battle of Santiago combines classic Afro-Cuban rhythms and vocals with a distinctly Canadian post-rock spirit and sensibility. The result is a wholly unique sound that tells a universal 21st Century story, transcending borders while staying rooted in one city’s immigrant experience.


“There are a couple of different Battles of Santiagos to choose from” explains the group’s founder Michael Owen. “there were a few in Cuba, mostly during the Spanish-American War, and there was even an infamous World Cup match in Chile that’s been given the name, too. So you can take your pick. We liked that ambiguity. It reflects how our music can change and take on different vibes. The name also implies some kind of soundclash, which works for us since the band has both a Latino section and a non-Latino section, and that dynamic can create a really exciting creative tension.”



While Canada is well-known for its thriving indie rock and electronic scenes, with acts as diverse as Grimes and God Speed You Black Emperor, the country is seldom thought of as a Latin music hotbed. But Toronto hosts many thriving immigrant communities — including one of the largest Cuban expat communities in North America — and The Battle of Santiago is strongly rooted in the city’s wealth of Cuban musical talent.


“The group has always had a strong Afro-Cuban base,” Owen explains. “In the beginning we had a much more pan-Latin mix, with members from Chile, Venezuela and Mexico. But as the band evolved we added more and more Cuban members until we reached a critical mass, and our sound has taken on a much stronger Cuban flavour as a result.


The band’s newest release La Migra dives deep into Afro-Cuban waters, mixing Afro-Cuban Yourba chants with subtle electronica (“Barasu-Ayo”) and rumbas with post-rock experimentalism (“Asi Vengo Yo”). The sound is more than just Radiohead meets Irakere, though: there’s cumbia tinged with dub (“Cimmaron”), anthemic Latin rock (“Pa Bailar”) and even the smooth funk of “Complica”, which speaks to the messy lives and identities of so many immigrants and refugees.



The Battle of Santiago doesn’t skimp on their live show, either. Their multimedia show integrates digital visual art, live musical performance and audience interaction. The result is a one-of-a-kind organic audio / visual installation not to be missed.