Service Animal Policy



We have experienced an increase in attendance of non-service animal pets, who have accompanied their owners in violation of California and federal law. These animals have compromised the health and safety of festival patrons and legitimate service animals. As a result we have developed the following service animal policy and procedure. The policy and procedure will be strictly enforced and implemented in the interest of ensuring that bona fide service animals are permitted and all other animals are prohibited from California WorldFest.

By law, if an animal’s purpose or task is to provide protection, emotional support, well- being, comfort, or companionship, it is NOT considered a service animal and may NOT attend the festival with you.

Qualified and bona fide service animals are welcome. Pets and non-service animals are NOT permitted. It is a crime to misrepresent a pet as a service animal. Those who bring any animal other than a service animal will not be allowed admittance. All service animals must be trained for a specific function, related to a disability, housebroken, leashed and under the direct control of their handler at all times. If any handler does not adhere to these conditions, the handler will be asked to remove the animal from the festival. The handler may then return without the animal. We reserve the right to refuse service to any individual whose conduct poses a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or service animals.

Bona fide service animals will be banded at the gate by a member of our Safety and Security team. After the service animal has been credentialed, it is not likely that you will be approached again, unless the animal causes a problem. Persons bringing a non-service animal will not be allowed entry to any part of the festival grounds including camping areas. Persons who are found on site with a non-service animal will be escorted off of the festival grounds and may return without the animal.