Sasha Butterfly

Sasha Rose

Sasha’s background of lifelong musicianship created a strong foundation for her unique style of electronic production and live DJ performances.  She combines many elements, learned from her vast variety of musical experience, to offer a truly innovative type of artistic expression.

Her popularity with spiritually focused dance crowds comes from her unique hybridization of original production featuring her live vocals and flute playing with carefully selected inspirational dance tracks from various artists from around the world.  Her performances flow from celestial grooves to tribal world rhythms to downtempo dance dub to collective ascensions to higher realms. Sasha is one of the most sought after DJ’s for Ecstatic Dance and Ecstatic Dance styled events throughout California and beyond.  She has performed at over 40 such dances including multiple appearances at Ecstatic Dance Oakland, Dance Journey, and many others.

Over the last 10 years, Sasha has taken her live solo electronic show to festivals throughout the US including Symbiosis, Beloved Festival, Earthdance, Sonic Bloom, Enchanted Forest, Raindance Campout, Photosynthesis, and many more. She has guested with several electronic artists including Random Rab, Vibesquad, Mimosa, Anasia, Zilla, Eoto, J.Boogie, Lafa Taylor, Jamie Janover, Lynxand many others.  In her musical production, Sasha creates luscious soundscapes and thick bass lines bridged by her soulful, angelic voice and a variety of live instrumentation. Her original lyrics bring awareness and create a deep earth connection to her listeners.