Ppoacher Ppoacher

Ppoacher Ppoacher

Most simply described as ‘eclectic folk derivative music’, however here is a lengthier one:

“Brothers Brothers’ of ppoacher ppoacher’s unique use of voice and earnestly goofy stage presence have left audiences wondering if the performer before them was an ethereal goblin, a feral roof dog, a long lost friend, a backwoods Kate Bush impersonator, a banshee suffering an identity crisis, or a bag of feelings parading as a woman……

Brothers’ distinct writing style is marked by congenial contrasts: passionate & playful, calculated & relaxed, approachable & quirky. The lyrics communicate a simultaneous existential dread and intoxicating thrill of living and loving, a practice in raw and shameless vulnerability.

Residing in Santa Fe, NM by way of Fayetteville, AR, the influence of the land that made the woman making the music is palpable.  Vocal Melodies expanding and contracting like a drive through the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, dipping howls and glottal stops like the churning of the Buffalo River, earthy grit of guttural tones like the red clay mud both lands harbor.

One can easily hear the influence of various folk music traditions, pop sensibilities, old school country heartbreak, peppered with a feeling of moving through other worlds….primarily the emotional landscape; beauty transmuted through valleys of deep pain, peaks of ecstatic joy, soft rolling hills of serenity, jagged rock formations of rage, and the bizarre catharsis of the open hearted exploration of it all. The performer as vehicle, steering you through with spells of the tenor banjo, celtic harp, and mostly human voice.”