Pamyua of Alaska

Pamyua of Alaska


“The most famous Inuit band in the world.” – Rolling Stone

“One of the 10 greatest Alaska artists of the millennium.” – Alaska Magazine

“A Blizzard of interlocking harmonies.” – Native People Magazine

Many Americans were introduced to Inuit music watching the Canadian epic The Fast Runner, but for more than a decade Pamyua has released traditional Inuit (Yup’ik) Drumsongs from Alaska with a distinct and unique American sound.

Because some of their music is a combination or Yup’ik lyrics combined with a modern sound, they are popular with the youth culture as well, as reflected in some of the videos on their website. Pamyua’s music was featured on the Discovery Channel’s Flying Wild Alaska and in numerous films. From Queen Margrethe II of Denmark to Secretary of State John Kerry, the group has entertained thousands with their fusion of traditional Inuit music and Yup’ik dance performance.

In September 2015, they appeared at the Western Arts Alliance Four Nations Indigenous Performance Showcase in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Founding members Phillip Blanchett, Stephen Blanchett and Ossie Kairaiuak are from the Yukon/ Kuskokwim River Delta region in southwestern Alaska. Karina Moeller also a founding member is from Nuuk, Greenland and is currently residing in Denmark.