The Fearless Kin

paige-anderson500-2The Fearless Kin


“…a sledgehammer to the heart would be understatement. Older sister Paige nailed the lyrics on “Where Did You Go” and the fearless ones added just the right touch to take me back to the small town of my youth and the ever­presence of, if not importance of, family and friends and, as I saw it back then, life itself.  …They have the soul and the ability to back the music up.” – No Depression

The Fearless Kin featuring sisters Paige and Aimee Anderson (Anderson Family Bluegrass, Paige Anderson & The Fearless Kin) are paving a new path together in the music industry with a newly formed band.  The band features new addition Tom Bevitori on the bass, and their music has evolved from bluegrass into a their own unique blend of Americana and indie.

Paige and Aimee started out in 2004 with family band, Anderson Family Bluegrass.  When the family band took a break, all four Anderson siblings made a new group, Paige Anderson & The Fearless Kin.

Paige and Aimee are continuing the music journey with each other and the new band, have new studio album in the works, and are looking forward to the tours ahead.