Late Night at WorldFest

Late Night at WorldFest

Late Night at WorldFest is ALL AGES and are SUBSTANCE FREE spaces.
Entry is included in festival passes for that day or multi-day passes that include the day of the Late Night you want to attend.

See our FAQ for details about gate times, buying tickets, etc. (YES, there IS a Late Night Only ticket available!)

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The DRUM CIRCLE begins at 11PM and goes until 1:30AM in an AIR CONDITIONED hall (the Discovery Stage!)

Bring Your Own Drum (though some will be provided) and experience the power of making rhythm together in a large group.

From “The Healing Power of the Drum Circle” by Michael Drake, Sacred Hoop Magazine

Indigenous cultures have been practicing community percussion for thousands of years. Today, people all over the world are taking up drumming in astounding numbers. At a grass roots level, small community drum circles are springing up. While some drum circles are content to jam and make a lot of rhythmic noise, others prefer to explore shamanic drumming.

Shamanic drumming is a time-honored method of healing and helping others. Shamanic drum circles provide the opportunity for people of like mind to unite for the attainment of a shared objective. There is power in drumming alone, but that power recombines and multiplies on many simultaneous levels in a group of drummers. The drums draw individual energies together, unifying them into a consolidated force.


Join Ultimate Fantastic (Jumpsuit Records) and Brian Hartman (HeartBass) for a Friday night dance party at #WorldFest2018!



11PM – 12:15AM Friday 7/13
Ultimate Fantastic is a combination of intelligent lyricism and spine melting R&B vocals upon a foundation of meticulously produced original bass music. The group draws from a variety of influences including underground hip-hop, festival subcultures, electronic dance music and roots and soul tradition; and synthesizes their original artistry into an incredibly unique musical expression and storytelling. Their sound is as tasteful and classic as it is futuristic and imaginative.








12:15AM – 2AM Friday 7/13
A leader in the West Coast underground music scene, and a Nevada City resident, Brian Hartman is among the most versatile DJs in west coast festival culture. His vibrant sets cultivate distinctly different offerings: he mixes Mid-tempo rhythms, as well as a variety of Latin, African, and Caribbean world beat. Hartman distills traditional tones and rhythms, blending treasured songs and melodies, the soundtracks to cultures dating back hundreds of years.








Saturday at WorldFest 2018 features Late Night Ecstatic Dance led by internationally renown world artist Poranguí as well as local World Bass DJ Yohm (and the DRUM CIRCLE from 11PM-1:30AM!)

Saturday Late Night at #WorldFest2018 curated in collaboration with Ecstatic Dance Nevada City




11PM – 1AM Saturday 7/14
Reared among the three cultures of Brazil, Mexico and the U.S., Poranguí was steeped in various traditional forms of music, healing and ceremony since birth. As a live improvisational looping artist and one-man orchestra, he weaves ancestral songs and indigenous rhythms from around the globe, utilizing the healing properties of sound to move the body, mind and Spirit.









1AM – 2AM Saturday 7/14
Yohm began the journey as a DJ in the year 2000 playing Vinyl Reggae, Dub, and Hip Hop records. Over the years his sound has evolved into a Fusion of World Bass and Tribal Beats fused with Crunchy Juicy Bass.  Known for playing remixes of classic tunes with an ability to adapt his sound to fit most dance floors. Yohm has rocked sets at west coast festivals like Enchanted Forest, Lucidity, Symbiosis and Stilldream Festival. He specializes in Ecstatic Dance journey sets, and has played Ecstatic Dances in Oakland, Salt Lake City, Nevada City, Reno, Fairfax and at various festivals. Yohm focuses on clean mixing, composing a journey through different genres, and most importantly keeping the vibes high and happy!








– Respect the silent spaces
– The intention of this event is Movement Medicine!
– Bring your own water & reusable container! There are water stations on the grounds.
– Be mindful of others
– Leave valuables at camp or in your car!
– Children must be with an adult at all times



The tea lounge area has been created for you to enjoy and experience verbal conversations and connections.


Inside the dance is a NON-VERBAL space – stretch, dance, meditate, do yoga – the entire room, however, is NON-VERBAL to allow everyone to create their own personal experiences.


If a SHORT conversation needs to happen in the NON-VERBAL space of the dance floor, lean into your partner’s ear and whisper to them. If the short conversation turns into a longer one, please take your conversation outside or into the tea lounge. If someone is talking near you inside the non-verbal spaces, please help us by inviting them to take their conversation outside or into the tea lounge.


We believe that movement is medicine and this is why we stress non-verbal spaces. Silence allows the attention to drop out of the mind and into the depth of the body where magic resides. Silence allows for a deeper dance dive. We have so much time to be social and only a few hours to practice our movement dance meditation!



We encourage interaction and connection on the dance floor. When you want to dance with another, please be sensitive, mindful and slow. Listen for their body’s “YES.” Some suggestions are: mirroring their dance moves, offering a hand, making eye contact and smiling. These are just a few options to respect the other’s autonomy on the dance floor. If they turn away from you, or give you prayer hands in front of their heart in Namaste, this is their “NO.” Don’t take it personally, just redirect yourself and keep dancing. If someone isn’t listening to your NO, or they are making you feel uncomfortable or they are being inappropriate, please tell someone immediately.


Also, if you see inappropriate behavior happening, please tell our hosts – the Ecstatic Dance Nevada City crew – or any of the WorldFest staff or volunteers immediately.


No heavy perfume or oils! Please practice body hygiene when you come to dance. Seriously. No one likes to dance with stinky people.


Bare feet encouraged on the dance floor for ecstatic dance!



One attentive adult to one child at all times. Please be aware of little ones around you if they are unattended and help them to get reunited with their big person. Parents please stay with your little ones!


Because Movement is Our Medicine

No Shoes, No Booze, Just Dance!

Questions? Email or message us on Facebook!