Jasmine Fuego


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Jasmine Fuego is a singer, educator and ARTivist deeply committed to creating art in service to justice, self empowerment and liberation. In 2014, she co-founded the Permaculture Action Network,an organization that bridges art and ecology through action, with a group of community organizers and environmental educators. During the school year she teaches mindfulness & emotional intelligence to youth in Richmond, California with the Mindful Life Project and is a member of the Thrive Choir. Her music uses live vocal looping that seamlessly combines genres to create a unique sound she calls soul-pop.



Jasmine says, “From the beginning I was always a bridge builder. Being a biracial child raised both in Southern California & North Carolina, I became really good at straddling many worlds. I fell in love with performance and social justice in my grandmother’s living room; memorizing all of the lyrics and dance steps to Michael Jackson songs. The king of Pop deeply influenced my desire to do art as activism.”


In 2014, she combined forces with permaculture educators and community organizers to co-found the Permaculture Action Network, which combines ecology and music to build community, spotlight grassroots environmental organizations and shift the dominant entertainment narrative. The Permaculture Action Network has done over 70 Permaculture Action Days with artists and events such as Rising Appalachia, Mr. Lif, Ayla Nereo, The Polish Ambassador, Lightening in a Bottle Music Festival, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Symbiosis Gathering and many more.


Fuego currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area performing music, curating Good Culture, teaching mindfulness to youth in Richmond via the Mindful Life Project, facilitating Regenerative Design trainings nation-wide and singing with the Thrive Choir.