Food Forest FractalzHighlight on WorldFest Workshops: Grow Food Anywhere with Full Circle Garden Solutions


At WorldFest, not only will you enjoy amazing music, you’ll also be able to attend unique workshops designed to enrich the way you live, relate to the environment, and even eat!


Full Circle Garden Solutions workshops, lead by Samyol Soulfyre, will teach participants to grow food and medicine plants. You’ll also learn to compost organic waste to feed your garden. The Full Circle workshops at WorldFest will leave you with world-rattling knowledge about new ways to interact with plants.


Ever heard of a Food Forest Fractal? It’s micro-garden growing everything from fruit trees to veggies and mushrooms. At WorldFest, Samyol Soulfyre will share knowledge gleaned from experimentation and study with permaculture and farming masters. Soulfyre has adapted these methods to incorporate local organic materials, while also making them more portable–that means accessible by anyone, anywhere!


These workshops will be fun, interactive sessions that teach you how to utilize local, low-cost, Earth-friendly materials to build portable and permanent gardens.


For those of us living in little apartments with just a windowsill and a patch of sunlight, a portable garden might sound too good to be true. Folks who move frequently might lament never being able to put down roots, so to speak, and raise a garden. These workshops will teach you to grow food anywhere, even on the road or in a campground!


What is a portable garden, after all?


Imagine a tray full of superfood microgreens, grown from seeds bought cheaply at grocery stores. Imagine growing your own super-nutritious food with just a small amount of space, anywhere. At WorldFest’s Full Circle workshops, you can learn how to do this, plus more.


As a workshop participant, you’ll learn how to successfully set up your portable garden. You’ll also learn how to feed your garden by creating a worm-powered compost bin, transforming organic waste into fertilizer. No more wasted kitchen scraps, even if your city doesn’t have a compost program!


Beyond giving people practical access to gardens, Full Circle’s portabile solutions give the gift of empowerment.


“Portable gardens empower people to grow food and compost organic waste anywhere in the world–whether they are renting an apartment or house without a clean garden area, camping at a festival, or not sure of future plans,” Soulfyre said. “This technology is important because it enables people to save money and guarantee access to fresh, healthy plant food–anywhere.”


At WorldFest, we hope folks will collaborate, share ideas, and start a positive ripple effect that spreads across the world. Workshops likes those hosted by Full Circle Garden Solutions provide more than a fun activity–they can be a step toward curing big problems.


Living in tiny spaces like cramped apartments empty of green life can actually have psychological consequences, according to recent revelations. Imagine what adding an indoor garden can do! Meanwhile, food deserts are a chronic national problem in which some lower income city dwellers do not have convenient access to high quality, fresh food. Enter microgreens on the windowsill.


Finally, how many of your veggies get shipped from South America? Portable gardens offer an alternative to buying products that have been shipped hundreds or thousands of miles to our grocery stores, burning fossil fuels. At WorldFest, anyone can learn how to live local and eat organic, and do it without breaking the bank.


Okay, portable gardens are awesome. But what about folks with a big ol’ yard and no clue how to grow plants in it?


Full Circle Garden Solutions will also share information on how to build a permanent garden, such as a Food Forest, that will last a long time and regenerate in abundance. Best of all, you’ll learn how to garden using local, inexpensive, and green materials. Say goodbye to that toxic fertilizer–Soulfyre has all the tips to make your garden green in more ways than one.


If you think it can’t get better than sustainable gardens, keep reading: Full Circle Garden Solutions will also offer workshops on making Seed Prayer Balls–all materials provided. “These balls contain the seeds and compost needed to revitalize an area with edible and medicinal plants,” Soulfyre explained. “The seeds and compost are wrapped in clay that hardens and protects them from animals and heat. They will only sprout once enough rain washes over them to guarantee the sprouts can survive to become adult plants. We place prayers inside to grow with the plants and manifest what we wish to see in the world.”


Talk about a memorable festival souvenir. (Way better than a plastic water bottle!) Between our unique vendors and workshops, we hope you’ll leave WorldFest with a garden full of new skills, friends, and memories.