Elevation is a fresh band to the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, in Grass Valley, California.  The band’s motto is, “Elevate yo’ funkin’ life!” which they do as a live band whose main mission is to get the people dancing and shaking!


The band formed in 2016 with a reggae drummer, a reggae and blues singer, a rock guitarist, and a funk bass player. After they had been together for a year, they acquired a female vocalist to round out the dynamics or their funky music. Currently they are recording an album looking to release in 2018.



Elevation featuring J Silk was born from the need to play music that showcased Jamal (J Silk) Walker’s soulful voice.  Pulling upon influences such as Earth, Wind, & Fire, Rick James, Sly & the Family Stone, and Parliament, the band shot out of the gates to enthusiastic audiences who keep coming back for more.


Band members Jamal Walker and Scott Wilson, previously of Nevada County’s most successful reggae band Mystafya, a band that had huge impact on the local and world music scene with critically acclaimed albums: Come to Jam (1999) and Run Free (2005), that reached the status of famous in France, Germany, and Italy. Jamal then continued his legacy by forming the Jamal Walker Band, which was a very popular blues band in the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe regions. Scott went to the studio with keyboardist Frankie Maranzino forming 5 Point Gang, an eclectic mix of ambient trip-hop with island rap.


Looking for a funk bass player in the foothills can be challenging, luckily bass virtuoso Andy Brooding arrived at the perfect time. This young man’s killer bass playing would make the founders of funk proud. Eventually, they convinced the studio cat with a rock background, Don Farwell, to give just the right attitude and style on the guitar and backup vocals. Later, in June, 2017, Don’s daughter, Brynn Farwell, moved back to Grass Valley after graduating from art school, and joined the band as the token female vocalist. Brynn added a flavor those funky men could not achieve.


Together, this arrangement of top shelf musicians delivers the groove by always making the crowd cheer and dance to their rockin’ funk!