XIUHTEZCATL & ISA of Earth Guardians

Performing Saturday and Sunday

They write music to battle oppression and bring people together. Their music inspires people to pursue their passions and use art as an agent of change.” – Brian Hardin, Music Producer, LA

“As Xiuhtezcatl told CNN, ‘We are in this because of the way it affects the state of the planet we want to be left with. That is the most noble cause I’d say: Leaving our children a better planet than the one we are living in today. We are doing our part. We need political leaders to step up and do theirs.'” – TEENVogue

Xiuhtezcatl and Isa are conscious hip-hop artists and activists who write and produce music to tell the stories of the movements and issues facing the world from the perspective of young ambitious musicians.

This music brings movements to the masses, written to inspire people to pursue their passions, and use art as a form of resistance to create change, battle oppression, bring people together and tell our stories.  They have spoken and performed in the United Nations and at events, colleges, conferences, and music festivals worldwide.

Isa released her first album Life Lines in 2014 and Xiuhtezcatl released his first album Generation RYSE with the Earth Guardians in 2015.  With Isa’s vocal mastery and musical ear and Xiuhtezcatl lyrical flow he is releasing his debut solo album “Break Free” in the spring of 2017.

Collaborating with and performing on stages with artists like Nahko Bear, Trevor Hall, Flobots, Jurassic 5, Rising Appalachia, Raury, and many more, has given this brother and sister duo the platform to launch their music careers, touring to use music to make a difference and inspire conscious revolution!