DJ Yohm


Yohm began the journey as a DJ in the year 2000 playing vinyl reggae,funk and hip hop records.Over the years his sound has evolved into a blend of world influenced fusion beats with thick bass drops.Known for playing remixes of classic tunes and medicine bass, with an ability to adapt his sound to fit most dance floors. Yohm (pronounced like Yo and Ohm) is a combination of Yosef’s birth name and one of the most healing sounds on Earth.

Yohm has rocked sets at many festivals including Enchanted Forest, Lucidity, Symbiosis,Worldfest, Cosmic Convergence and Stilldream.

He specializes in Ecstatic Dance journey sets, and has played E Dances all around the country and at festivals.He has opened up for Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, Bluetech, Phaeleh, Charles the First, Deya Dova and many more.

With a sharp focus on clean mixing and composing a journey through different genres Yohm’s energetic sets keep the crowd engaged and satiated for hours.