Busker Performance Schedule

Buskers at WorldFest


WorldFest Buskers come in many of varieties: solo artists playing original songs, duos & quartets playing jazz and Americana classics, the occasional accapella sing-along, and more! You’ll find them at the Fest entrance at Gate 1 and outside the WorldFest Marketplace. Each day at 5:00pm we’ll have a special Busker show at the Foundation
bar to help get you in the mood for the evening’s entertainment. Tipping is always
welcome, but not required.



Street performance or busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities, though “busking” is particularly associated with singing or playing music. In many countries the rewards are generally in the form of money but other gratuities such as food, drink or gifts may be given. – Wikipedia


Robert Heirendt & Mei Lin
Friday Gate 1 10AM-11AM
Robert Heirendt’s artistic vision is about interweaving. From the weaving together of complex patterns, juxtaposed rhythms, multiple diverse influences, experiences, and feelings, he strives to create sounds and textures which take the listener to new places. He plays the mbira dzavadzimu, a type of kalimba instrument from Zimbabwe. He has studied traditional Zimbabwaen trance music for over a decade. Prior to this, he played keyboards in many bands beginning in the 1980s.

About Mei Lin, Robert says “Of all the wonderful musicians I have been able to collaborate with, none have been as personally fulfilling as collaborations with my daughter Mei Lin, who plays violin/fiddle. Whether I am accompanying her on the piano while she plays Bach, playing bluegrass tunes with her on our front porch, joining our voices in harmony in the car or playing free jazz when she joins in with Tumble, I so love the opportunity to connect with her through our shared musical languages.”


Christina Gomes
Friday, Artist Merch 10AM-11AM – Artist Merch 1PM-2PM Saturday, Gate 1 12PM-1PM – Artist Merch 3PM-4PM Sunday, Artist Merch 12PM-1PM – Gate 1 3PM-4PM
Christina is a Singer-Songwriter, Sound Healer, & Cacao Ceremonialist. She carries heart songs from a variety of traditions, and has been writing & composing her own music for 10 years. A traveler at heart, Christina has shared her music in over 30 countries, and has been graced with the sounds of many cultures. After recently traveling to Guatemala, where Cacao sings the song’s of the land, Christina began working with the Mayan medicine of Cacao. The heart opening effects of Cacao allows for singing a sweeter tune.

Singing from the heart, is about shifting into a heart centered place, and Cacao is the medicine for that sacred shift. Christina’s mission is to honor play as a spiritual practice & through song, storytelling, & sacred sillimonies, help people feel more vibrant, connected, & free.

Purdon’s Crossing
Friday, Gate 1 11AM-12PM – Artist Merch 3PM-4PM
Purdon’s Crossing, the band without a genre, is a group of 4 classically trained musicians and ne’er-do-wells who have lost all dignity and now play an eclectic mix of bluegrass, old jazz, blues, oldies, and snarky originals–sometimes hilarious, sometimes beautiful, always entertaining. Between them, they play a total of 12 instruments, including saxophone, dobro, mandolin, banjo and, worse, accordion. They’re known for their intricate 4-part harmonies, as well as for the Purdon’s Crossing Kazoo Choir, for which they apologize.

Nicole Jean
Friday, Artist Merch 11AM-12PM – Gate 1 2PM-3PM Sunday, Artist Merch 10AM-11AM – Gate 1 1PM-2PM
Singer-songwriter. Passionate about the earth, people, health, spirituality, and shining my light to inspire others to shine theirs.

Emilie Rose and Friends
Friday, Gate 1 12PM – 1PM
Sunday, Gate 1 11AM-12PM – Artist Merch 3PM-4PM
Emilie Rose has been deeply immersed in the Scottish Fiddling tradition since the age of nine. Raised in Northern California, she grew up attending fiddle camps and flourished with guidance and inspiration from instructors including the amazing Alasdair Fraser. Emilie currently studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where her love for everything fiddle is nurtured by world class fiddle professors such as Bruce Molsky, Natalie Haas, and Darol Anger. She regularly performs live, teaches private fiddle lessons, composes original contemporary fiddle tunes, and leads Celtic pub sessions in the Boston area. This appearance at WorldFest will feature Emilie with a 3 piece ensemble, but then again you never know who might show.

Ruckrich Family Band
Friday, Artist Merch 12PM-1PM – Gate 1 3PM-4PM Saturday, Artist Merch 11AM-12PM –Gate 1 2PM-3PM Sunday, Gate 1 12PM-1PM – Gate 1 4PM-5PM
Over the past nine years, the band have bought their instruments, sound equipment—and plane tickets—playing local gigs and busking at farmers markets and other community events.

The band plays an eclectic collection of back-porch Americana, ranging from classic bluegrass to classic Grateful Dead to brand-new songs the kids wrote themselves.

Father Phil Ruckrich says:
“This isn’t about getting our kids famous. It’s not like that at all. We’re just playing for fun. We don’t practice. We just play for the most part”. “When it stops being fun, we’ll stop,” he said seriously. https://www.facebook.com/ruckrichfamilyband/

Yuba Rio
Friday, Gate 1PM-2PM – Artist Merch 4PM-5PM
Yuba Rio, founded by Norm and Elizabeth Johnson play an exciting mix of hot Gypsy Jazz and cool Brazilian Bossa Nova.

Based in Nevada City, Ca. they have been entertaining audiences throughout California and Oregon with their wonderful rhythmic drive and imaginative improvisations. http://yubariohotclub.wixsite.com/yubario

Sierra Capella
Friday, Artist Merch 2PM-3PM – Gate 1 4PM-5PM Saturday, Artist Merch 11AM-12PM – Gate 1 1PM-2PM Sunday, Artist Merch 2PM-3PM
A harmonious blend of songfest and choir. A budding musical community, their expanding
repertoire includes spicy and poignant music from around the globe. https://www.facebook.com/SierraCapella/

Cat Girton
Saturday, Gate 1 10AM-11AM – Artist Merch 1PM-2PM
Catherina has been writing and performing music for most of her life. At age 7, she first sang onstage as a part of the Girtons Three, with her father John (an accomplished jazz guitarist) and her mother Linda (an a capella singer). At 13, she recorded and produced her first original album, “Soundtrack of Your Life”, which included vocals, guitar, and synthesizer. She just released her latest studio album, “In Another Life” in January 2018.

Cool Hand Uke
Saturday, Gate 1 11AM-12AM – Artist Merch 4PM-5PM
Dan “Cool Hand Uke” Scanlan has played serious ukulele since 1961 and taught thousands to play and love it since 1988. He is the director and teacher of Cool Hand Uke’s Strum Bums Ukulele Extravaganza Rescue and Relief Band of Grass Valley CA. He and his students have established ukulele groups in California, New Mexico, Ireland and Madeira Island, Portugal, the home of the ukulele’s ancestors.

Free Range String Band
Saturday, Artist Merch 2PM-3PM – Gate 1 4PM-5PM
The Free Range String Band is a duo that plays early country and old time string band music. https://www.facebook.com/thefreerangestringband/

Gary & Eva Quartet
Sunday, Gate 1 10AM-11AM – Artist Merch 1PM-2PM
With voice, guitar, flute, bass, and drums, the Gary & Eva Quartet explore jazz standards, bossa nova, and other tunes. They perform regularly in wineries, restaurants, and other venues around Grass Valley / Nevada City. Prior to moving to this area, Gary worked in the pro audio industry and released his “Toneweave” album of original tunes, while Eva sang with various jazz
ensembles in Eugene, Oregon. Drummer Roy Kaufmann performed and recorded with his DeJazz
Vu combo, and bassist John Lace keeps his fingers proficient on bass and keyboards while serving as a local physician.

Bob Woods
Sunday, Artist Merch 11AM-12PM – Foundation Bar 5PM-6PM
Bob Woods started playing music in 1971 with the Sacramento Western Swing band Tokpela. Since then he’s shared the stage with The Surfaris, Tiny Moore, Bill Kirchen, Albert Lee, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Pete Grant, Gene Parsons, Kate Gaffney, Billy Joe Shaver, and others. Woods has released six, original albums: Hillbilly Cadillac (vinyl), The Night We Stole the Last Steam Engine, Don’t Forget the Trains, Almost Live, Railroad Money, and most recently in 2011, This Town. He is currently writing and recording his seventh album, Bob Woods SwampBilly. For his apearances at WorldFest 2018 he will be playing solo, though you never know who might drop by.

Adrian Blackhurst, aka Boogiemeister
Friday, Foundation Bar 5PM-6:30PM Saturday, Foundation Bar 5PM-6:30PM
Adrian is a multi-instrumentalist who played in various bands over the years and has lately been focusing on his solo projects, under the name Boogiemeister & Bionic Love Soundsystem. He has been producing music since they year 2000, with over 40+ songs on his discography, 2 full length albums & 3 EPs. He uses the almighty laptop and plays guitar, synths, melodica, & various percussion that he often plays during his DJ sets as well. He has a background in music production from his studies at Evergreen State College & countless hours twiddling knobs in his home studio.