Ambassadors of the Planet

At WorldFest, Participants Become Ambassadors of the Planet


At WorldFest, we’re all about taking care of the land where our event takes place and respecting the planet as a whole. In our coming blog posts, we’ll be sharing our sustainability tips and tricks with all of our readers. We’ll also be celebrating some amazing environmental initiatives happening right here in Nevada County! Read on to learn about some great local projects, as well as how you can help WorldFest stay green.


We’re excited about the work going on over at South Yuba River Citizens League–or SYRCL–which lines up perfectly with our goals for sustainability at WorldFest! SYRCL, a Nevada City organization, has an awesome program called River Ambassadors, which connects volunteers to the Yuba River.


Much of the Yuba River is public land, managed by the State Parks Department. That means it belongs to all of us. The River Ambassadors make it their mission to help visitors enjoy the Yuba River while protecting this important watershed. Over 700,000 people visit the Yuba every year. Without proper education on how to interact with the river safely, this many visitors can have a real impact. It’s the River Ambassadors’  mission to keep the Yuba River from being “loved to death!”


If you thought ambassadors had to spend lots of time on international flights and wear neckties, think again. SYRCL’s River Ambassadors are volunteers that scour this gorgeous river’s most popular recreation areas, helping to educate the community on caring for an incredible shared piece of beauty. River Ambassadors chat one-on-one with visitors on trails, crossings, and beaches. Through friendly, down-to-earth communication, River Ambassadors help teach their fellow river lovers about the impacts of dog waste, broken glass, and other trash—not to mention the importance of fire safety along the Yuba! Learn more about the program here.


The River Ambassador outlook is exactly what we’re going for at WorldFest. We love the beautiful lands that host our festival, but we don’t want to love those grounds to death! At WorldFest, we pride ourselves in bringing together folks with a common passion for the planet, and we need the support of all our attendees to achieve our sustainability mission. Read on to learn about our new initiatives and how you can help!


We’re lucky to have a team of dedicated volunteers working hard to keep our festival Earth-friendly.  Just like SYRCL’s River Ambassadors, it’s important to our volunteers that everyone has a great time at WorldFest, while also learning how to care for our planet. Say hello to our wonderful Green Team when you see them out and about!


If you have questions about sustainability at WorldFest, just ask a team member! Green Team will be onsite throughout the festival helping to sort recyclables and educating participants about our sustainability principles. We even have a full team of volunteer “pickers,” devoted folks who ensure our grounds stay pristine. Our volunteer “pickers” really appreciate your efforts to dispose of your own trash and recycling!


While we have a renewed focus on reducing the impact of the event, it can’t be accomplished without the active participation of our attendees, volunteers, staff, and vendors!


WorldFest Sustainability Mission #1: End Single Use


There will be NO single-use water bottles for sale anywhere at our festival. Join the spirit of WorldFest by bringing your own food containers, utensils, mugs, and water bottles!


We don’t want our celebration of music to contribute to overflowing landfills, and we know you don’t either.


That said, staying hydrated at a warm summer festival is really important, so come prepared–or plan to pick up an awesome Official WorldFest 2018 souvenir: a water bottle with a ChicoBag sling or a Klean Kanteen stainless steel cup you can reuse forever!


There are hydration stations throughout the grounds where you can get free, high quality drinking water to fill up your reusable container. Celebrate WorldFest by drinking some delicious Sierra snowmelt out of a reusable bottle or cup! There will not be bottled water for sale onsite! . Plus, our sturdy stainless steel cups, for sale at the merch booth, get you a discount on your drinks at the bar! Water is also available for free at the bar – but we ask that you head to the hydration stations as a first option for water, especially when the bar is busy.


Stay tuned and check out our next blog post for more local environmental initiatives and ways to help the planet WorldFest!