“Flaxen haired trio’s frenzied banjo punk drew as much excitement as the bigger acts, leaving audiences clamoring for more.” – Roots & Blues Review

“This is absurdly wonderful… Stockholm sisters turn Americana on its head” – MOJO

“Sweden’s own wildwood flowers” – Uncut

“A stunning debut album” – Q

“Frenetically energetic…a distinctively individual band sound primed to hone in on the mainstream” MOJO

Baskery is sisters Greta, Stella and Sunniva Bondesson of Stockholm, Sweden.

Growing up in a musical family, there were always instruments lying around the house and the sisters wrote their first song together in their early teens, “F@#$ Umbrellas and Wellingtons”, a song basically about letting your freak flag fly. That was many years and a bunch of albums ago, but the message remains. Baskery was formed in 2007, shortly after their former band, Slaptones, split up due to their dad (drums, vocals and harmonica) handing in his notice. Instead of adding a new member, the sisters decided to continue as a trio, start fresh with a new sound and new songs. The name Baskery is a tribute to their northern roots, the Finnish nickname of a village in the far north of Sweden.

Baskery has produced and released three albums in Europe, North America and Australia and the members are thrilled to announce that number four is due worldwide in 2016, on Warner Brothers. The debut album “Fall Among Thieves” (2008), including cow-punk anthem “One horse Down”, was recorded fully live in the legendary Stockholm studio Decibel, by producer/mixer Lasse Mårtén (Pink, Lykke Li, Primal Scream, Kelly Clarkson). After being married to the studio making the 1st record, the band was eager to get out on the road and simply brought the recording equipment to finalize the follow up album “New Friends” (2011) when touring. This included cutting vocals behind piled up mattresses in hotel rooms and band apartments. The “globe-trotter” sessions were left in the hands of mixer BlackPete (Depeche Mode, Joe Jackson, Peter Fox) to give the punchy live kicker “Throw A Bone” and the other 10 songs a cohesive sound. With the third album, there was no haste, but the band desired a more intense recording period and all the tracks were laid down in ten days in Berlin. The eleven songs, including popper “The Shadow”, were defined by producer and mixer Matt Wignall (Cold War Kids, J. Roddy Walston). His liking of old Italian tape machines and Russian compressors from the 1930’s made “Little Wild Life” (2013) the band’s favorite album sonically.

All of their albums have received great acclaim in the press across the globe.

The band successfully tours the world and has quickly become known for their energetic live shows. Wherever they go the audience gets blown away by their unique sound and intense stage presence. Their use of traditional instruments in an unconventional way helps create their very own genres: banjo punk, ADM (acoustic dance music) and killbilly. They don’t like being pigeonholed, if things start to feel predictable they’re likely to move on to something more exciting. Nobody puts Baskery in a corner, themselves included.

A number of artists have hand picked Baskery as support act; in the spring of 2015 they opened for British pop star Robbie Williams on his European tour, followed by a tour in the US with Brandi Carlile. They’ve performed at festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Azkena Rock (ES), Winnipeg Folk Festival (CAN), Colours of Ostrava (CZ), Bergen Fest (NOR), Nibe (DK) and Toender (DK) and are often “the talk” of the festival. They own every stage they play and their music always translates whether it’s at a rock festival, an intimate club or opening for Robbie Williams at a 30.000 capacity venue. Baskery has been compared to anything from Led Zeppelin to ABBA and that says a lot about how wide and borderless their sound is.

The sisters have always been willing to go where the music takes them and have lately been focusing on the North American market. After a year in Nashville the band moved to Los Angeles, when signing a world wide record deal with Warner Brother Records in September 2014. Dan McCarroll, president of WBR, fell in love with the band when he saw a YouTube video of Baskery covering Neil Young’s “Old Man” and wanted to sign them on the spot. In LA they teamed up with producer Andrew Dawson (Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Destiny’s Child, Common, F.U.N, Drake, Lil’ Wayne) and begun recording their fourth studio album. A great match, according to the band members: “Andrew’s knowledge in the hip hop scene gave our songs the edge we were looking for. He’s also a classically trained pianist, super musical and inspiring to work with.” The album is currently being mixed by Joe Zook (The Hives, Pink, Katy Perry, One Republic, One Direction, Serena Ryder) and is due spring 2016.

Also… Baskery is looking forward to the day you search the name in google and don’t get “did you mean bakery”