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At WorldFest, Participants Become Ambassadors of the Planet


At WorldFest, we’re all about taking care of the land where our event takes place and respecting the planet as a whole. In our coming blog posts, we’ll be sharing our sustainability tips and tricks with all of our readers. We’ll also be celebrating some amazing environmental initiatives happening right here in Nevada County! Read on to learn about some great local projects, as well as how you can help WorldFest stay green.


We’re excited about the work going on over at South Yuba River Citizens League–or SYRCL–which lines up perfectly with our goals for sustainability at WorldFest! SYRCL, a Nevada City organization, has an awesome program called River Ambassadors, which connects volunteers to the Yuba River.


Much of the Yuba River is public land, managed by the State Parks Department. That means it belongs to all of us. The River Ambassadors make it their mission to help visitors enjoy the Yuba River while protecting this important watershed. Over 700,000 people visit the Yuba every year. Without proper education on how to interact with the river safely, this many visitors can have a real impact. It’s the River Ambassadors’  mission to keep the Yuba River from being “loved to death!”


If you thought ambassadors had to spend lots of time on international flights and wear neckties, think again. SYRCL’s River Ambassadors are volunteers that scour this gorgeous river’s most popular recreation areas, helping to educate the community on caring for an incredible shared piece of beauty. River Ambassadors chat one-on-one with visitors on trails, crossings, and beaches. Through friendly, down-to-earth communication, River Ambassadors help teach their fellow river lovers about the impacts of dog waste, broken glass, and other trash—not to mention the importance of fire safety along the Yuba! Learn more about the program here.


The River Ambassador outlook is exactly what we’re going for at WorldFest. We love the beautiful lands that host our festival, but we don’t want to love those grounds to death! At WorldFest, we pride ourselves in bringing together folks with a common passion for the planet, and we need the support of all our attendees to achieve our sustainability mission. Read on to learn about our new initiatives and how you can help!


We’re lucky to have a team of dedicated volunteers working hard to keep our festival Earth-friendly.  Just like SYRCL’s River Ambassadors, it’s important to our volunteers that everyone has a great time at WorldFest, while also learning how to care for our planet. Say hello to our wonderful Green Team when you see them out and about!


If you have questions about sustainability at WorldFest, just ask a team member! Green Team will be onsite throughout the festival helping to sort recyclables and educating participants about our sustainability principles. We even have a full team of volunteer “pickers,” devoted folks who ensure our grounds stay pristine. Our volunteer “pickers” really appreciate your efforts to dispose of your own trash and recycling!


While we have a renewed focus on reducing the impact of the event, it can’t be accomplished without the active participation of our attendees, volunteers, staff, and vendors!


WorldFest Sustainability Mission #1: End Single Use


There will be NO single-use water bottles for sale anywhere at our festival. Join the spirit of WorldFest by bringing your own food containers, utensils, mugs, and water bottles!


We don’t want our celebration of music to contribute to overflowing landfills, and we know you don’t either.


That said, staying hydrated at a warm summer festival is really important, so come prepared–or plan to pick up an awesome Official WorldFest 2018 souvenir: a water bottle with a ChicoBag sling or a Klean Kanteen stainless steel cup you can reuse forever!


There are hydration stations throughout the grounds where you can get free, high quality drinking water to fill up your reusable container. Celebrate WorldFest by drinking some delicious Sierra snowmelt out of a reusable bottle or cup! There will not be bottled water for sale onsite! . Plus, our sturdy stainless steel cups, for sale at the merch booth, get you a discount on your drinks at the bar! Water is also available for free at the bar – but we ask that you head to the hydration stations as a first option for water, especially when the bar is busy.


Stay tuned and check out our next blog post for more local environmental initiatives and ways to help the planet WorldFest!

Food Forest FractalzHighlight on WorldFest Workshops: Grow Food Anywhere with Full Circle Garden Solutions


At WorldFest, not only will you enjoy amazing music, you’ll also be able to attend unique workshops designed to enrich the way you live, relate to the environment, and even eat!


Full Circle Garden Solutions workshops, lead by Samyol Soulfyre, will teach participants to grow food and medicine plants. You’ll also learn to compost organic waste to feed your garden. The Full Circle workshops at WorldFest will leave you with world-rattling knowledge about new ways to interact with plants.


Ever heard of a Food Forest Fractal? It’s micro-garden growing everything from fruit trees to veggies and mushrooms. At WorldFest, Samyol Soulfyre will share knowledge gleaned from experimentation and study with permaculture and farming masters. Soulfyre has adapted these methods to incorporate local organic materials, while also making them more portable–that means accessible by anyone, anywhere!


These workshops will be fun, interactive sessions that teach you how to utilize local, low-cost, Earth-friendly materials to build portable and permanent gardens.


For those of us living in little apartments with just a windowsill and a patch of sunlight, a portable garden might sound too good to be true. Folks who move frequently might lament never being able to put down roots, so to speak, and raise a garden. These workshops will teach you to grow food anywhere, even on the road or in a campground!


What is a portable garden, after all?


Imagine a tray full of superfood microgreens, grown from seeds bought cheaply at grocery stores. Imagine growing your own super-nutritious food with just a small amount of space, anywhere. At WorldFest’s Full Circle workshops, you can learn how to do this, plus more.


As a workshop participant, you’ll learn how to successfully set up your portable garden. You’ll also learn how to feed your garden by creating a worm-powered compost bin, transforming organic waste into fertilizer. No more wasted kitchen scraps, even if your city doesn’t have a compost program!


Beyond giving people practical access to gardens, Full Circle’s portabile solutions give the gift of empowerment.


“Portable gardens empower people to grow food and compost organic waste anywhere in the world–whether they are renting an apartment or house without a clean garden area, camping at a festival, or not sure of future plans,” Soulfyre said. “This technology is important because it enables people to save money and guarantee access to fresh, healthy plant food–anywhere.”


At WorldFest, we hope folks will collaborate, share ideas, and start a positive ripple effect that spreads across the world. Workshops likes those hosted by Full Circle Garden Solutions provide more than a fun activity–they can be a step toward curing big problems.


Living in tiny spaces like cramped apartments empty of green life can actually have psychological consequences, according to recent revelations. Imagine what adding an indoor garden can do! Meanwhile, food deserts are a chronic national problem in which some lower income city dwellers do not have convenient access to high quality, fresh food. Enter microgreens on the windowsill.


Finally, how many of your veggies get shipped from South America? Portable gardens offer an alternative to buying products that have been shipped hundreds or thousands of miles to our grocery stores, burning fossil fuels. At WorldFest, anyone can learn how to live local and eat organic, and do it without breaking the bank.


Okay, portable gardens are awesome. But what about folks with a big ol’ yard and no clue how to grow plants in it?


Full Circle Garden Solutions will also share information on how to build a permanent garden, such as a Food Forest, that will last a long time and regenerate in abundance. Best of all, you’ll learn how to garden using local, inexpensive, and green materials. Say goodbye to that toxic fertilizer–Soulfyre has all the tips to make your garden green in more ways than one.


If you think it can’t get better than sustainable gardens, keep reading: Full Circle Garden Solutions will also offer workshops on making Seed Prayer Balls–all materials provided. “These balls contain the seeds and compost needed to revitalize an area with edible and medicinal plants,” Soulfyre explained. “The seeds and compost are wrapped in clay that hardens and protects them from animals and heat. They will only sprout once enough rain washes over them to guarantee the sprouts can survive to become adult plants. We place prayers inside to grow with the plants and manifest what we wish to see in the world.”


Talk about a memorable festival souvenir. (Way better than a plastic water bottle!) Between our unique vendors and workshops, we hope you’ll leave WorldFest with a garden full of new skills, friends, and memories.



Worldfest lovers , dancers, musicians…………,

You are invited to join the “Mardi Gras” 22nd Annual California WorldFest krewe for a parade at 5:00pm on Saturday.
We will meet at the Kid’s Craft area, Sugar Pine Lodge, to get ready to heat up the festival with some dancing and music, Mardi Gras style.
Bring out your most fabulous and funky COSTUMES!!!!
Masks, beads, feathers, get creative.

Ideas for Colors: purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power.
Some accessories provided – bring your kerchiefs!
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!!
Afterwards, glide into Saturday night with Achilles Wheel DUSTIN THOMAS Anoushka Shankar Saritah Galactic!
#CAWorldFest #Funk #Parade #2ndline #neworleansinspired #worldmusic #celebrate #dance #music #drums #horns #dancers #funforthewholefamily

Volunteer Welcome Letter 2018

Welcome to the 22nd Annual
California WorldFest!

We are looking forward to another amazing year.

Thank you in advance for your hard work and dedication in helping to make 2018 the best WorldFest yet; we couldn’t do this without you!

Download the FREE InitLive app and watch this video to learn how to utilize it.

PLEASE NOTE: The app will not work until we turn it on Monday 7/9!


GET IT ON Google Play

Please visit our FAQ page for general festival rules and information ahead of your arrival.

All guidelines for public festival goers also apply to volunteers!

Click to download the WF 2018 Volunteer Map



See chart below for gate directory for EARLY ARRIVAL, CAMPING, and DAY volunteers.

See attached map for gate, parking, camping, and volunteer headquarters locations.

*In the event of parking overflow issues,
day volunteers may be required to purchase parking from the fairgrounds for $6 per day.

Considering carpooling to WorldFest?
Check out the WorldFest Ride-sharing page on the RideVu app HERE!


Step-by-Step Check-in Guide

  1. CAMPERS*: Check in at Gate 4 each day for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday wristbands
    DAY VOLUNTEERS*: Check in at Gate 8 each day for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday wristbands
    *see above table for early arrival information
  2. Arrive to your shifts 10 minutes early for shift check-in with your Shift Supervisor
  3. Check out with your supervisor at the end of your shift
  4. Enjoy the rest of your day/night experiencing WorldFest!
  5. Rest and repeat!

Arrival Information

ALL volunteers must check in at designated volunteer check-in gate EACH DAY to get daily access to the festival.


Wednesday 7/12: Noon – 8:00 PM  (Early Arrival List Only – South Gate)
Thursday 7/13 – Sunday 7/16: 7:00AM – 11:00pm

Please allow yourself plenty of time (at least 30 minutes) to park / check in / get to your shift location.



Camping volunteers must check in daily at Gate 4 to receive their daily wristband.

Complimentary camping passes are only issued to volunteers working a minimum of 4 shifts.

If you are under-scheduled and plan on camping, please contact us immediately via email to:

For general camping information, go to our Camping info page.



Day Volunteers / those not camping must check in at Gate 8 to receive their daily wristband.

Daily Wristbands must be left on for the duration of designated day in order to enter/exit the grounds.

Camping wristbands must be left on for the duration of the festival and are required for campground re-entry.




After you check in at the gate, you should proceed straight to your post to work your shift.

If you are attending the festival prior to your shift time, please arrive at your post 10 minutes prior to your shift start time.

After you have completed your first shift, stop by the Volunteer Headquarters Booth to receive your Volunteer Swag and a piece of whole organic fruit courtesy of BriarPatch Food Co-op!



Upon arrival to your post, check in with your Shift Supervisor and await further instruction.

Check out with your Shift Supervisor at the end of your shift.

Please arrive well rested, sober and in proper volunteer attire (including shirts and shoes) in addition to any special instructions you have received from your Lead.

Volunteers that miss a shift without communication will not be permitted back onto the grounds without purchasing a ticket. Volunteers that miss shifts on final festival day or strike will be banned from volunteering for one year.

If you are not able to work in the event of an emergency, please contact your Shift Supervisor or Volunteer Coordinator ASAP.

Supervisor information is easily accessible in your InitLive App by clicking the CONTACT button.

Volunteers who have checked in at gate check-in but fail to show up for their shifts without communication will have their wristband confiscated and their volunteer privileges revoked for 2 years.


Minors who are volunteering at California WorldFest must submit a release form signed by a parent or guardian; this can be emailed – the parent or guardian needs to be onsite if the volunteer is under the age of 16.



This year, all volunteers receive one voucher for 40% off the retail price of ANY of the various styles and colors of WorldFest Official t-shirts or tanks (based on availability) in the WorldFest Marketplace!



We will NOT be selling any one-time use plastic bottled water at California WorldFest.

We hope that you will join us in this environmentally-friendly effort!

Please spread the word and bring your own refillable water bottles – No GLASS allowed at the Fairgrounds.

Hydration Stations are available throughout the festival and camp grounds, and boxed water (refillable) will be available for purchase at the bars for $3.

Commemorative refillable Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Cups will also be available for sale at the bar – purchase of a cup includes one free drink of your choice! But remember – all volunteer shifts must be completed 100% sober; volunteers under the influence on shift will be asked to leave and will be considered a no-show to their shift.

If you are unable to fulfill your commitment this year or believe you are receiving this information by mistake, please contact us immediately at!

Don’t forget to tag us in all your Instagram posts from the festival!

@CAWorldFest     |     #WorldFest2018     |     #CaliforniaWorldFest

Archive – Grass Valley Taiko 2017

gv-taiko500Grass Valley Taiko


Workshop on Sunday at 9:00am on the Global Stage

Grass Valley Taiko was established in 2000 by Founder and Artistic Director Mitzi Garnett from a basic one-time workshop that grew into the multiple classes of varied levels that exist now. Mitzi was instrumental in bringing several taiko performances to Grass Valley/Nevada City that has featured Taiko groups from all over California and a vast variety of drummers of many genres.

Grass Valley Taiko hosted Taiko Festival 2005 which celebrated two sold-out shows, annual Taiko Festivals each year since, an annual production that gives 100% of the income to a notable cause, and Taiko Camps 2006, 2008 and 2010 that drew participants from around the world to train with the Masters of North American Taiko.

Mitzi has since returned to Grand Master Tanaka for training and the honors to play Hiryu Sandan Gaishi/Isami Goma and Hachijo, in addition to her training with world renowned Kodo at Sado Island, Japan. Our members now number 50 strong and we seek to attain a greater level of understanding and skill in Taiko and the practice of wadaiko – they way of Taiko.

“Drumming is a core part of all of us, it starts in the womb. We all have our own rhythm. With Taiko, you commit to a path, dedicate to a training, drum to a beat with many hearts; not all who possess a drum can honestly call themselves “Taiko”, but we can all call ourselves drummers. Taiko is so much more. We are practitioners. We are performers. We are dedicated to our tradition and breathe our life into our art form.”

Brian Hartman 2018

Brian Hartman

Friday Late Night Party


A leader in the West Coast underground music scene, and a Nevada City, CA resident, Brian is among the most versatile DJs in festival culture. His vibrant sets cultivate distinctly different offerings: he mixes Mid-tempo Intercultural Beats, as well as a variety of Latin, African, and Caribbean World Beat. Hartman distills traditional tones and rhythms, blending treasured songs and melodies, the soundtracks to cultures dating back hundreds of years.


He, along with longtime friend & ally Isis Indriya, coproduce HeartBass, a monthly event in Nevada City that has a reputation as one of the most high-vibed underground dance parties on the west coast. The year 2017 saw Brian playing a wide variety of domestic and international gigs, from Envision in Costa Rica, Bali Spirit Festival, Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala, Air Festival on the Gili Islands and New Earth Festival in Indonesia, to the Oregon Eclipse Gathering, Enchanted Forest, Lightning in a Bottle, Bioneers Conference & Imagine Festival to name just a few of his west coast appearances; he has provided direct support for iconic live acts such as Dirtwire, LulaCruza, Beats Antique, Les Nubians, Vieux Farka Toure, members of Rising Appalachia, and many others.


Brian was an award winning 8th grade Humanities teacher at the distinguished Nevada City School of the Arts before retiring to focus on his music career full time.


Stage Schedule 2018

Stage Schedule

Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram for updates and announcements!

Schedule and lineup are subject to change.

Archive – Buskers 2017

BUSkers at WorldFest

Street performance or busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities. Street performance is practiced all over the world by men, women and children and dates back to antiquity. People engaging in this practice are called street performers or buskers. – Wikipedia


Richard Vagner is an 18 year old violinist intertwining Classical & Modern music using live looping on a 5-string Electric/ Acoustic instrument. He has been playing the violin since he was 7 years old, and was born and raised in Los Angeles where he began his roots. On his journey he played for a variety of different bands, playing almost every instrument imaginable. He toured the west coast several times, played with various popular artists, and released a song in solidarity with Standing Rock. The song titled “Stand” features many well known artists including Nahko from Nahko & Medicine For The People, 4biddenknowledge, & Xiuhtezcatl of Earth Guardians. As of 2017 he is working on his debut album and co producing Xiuhtezcatl’s album titled “Break Free.”


Dakota Crider started playing guitar when he was 11 years old. A few years later he began writing his own material and had so much fun he simply couldn’t stop creating even if he wanted to. Homegrown from the mountains of Nevada City/Grass Valley California he wandered around learning how to love and laugh as a teenager, making many friends young and old along the way. Inspired by 1960’s psychedelia, the wholesome, heartfelt sounds of folk music and the actualization of higher consciousness he seeks to spread wisdom, peace, and love in every note to all who listen to his music.


Juliet Gobert (pron. go-bear) is a singer/songwriter of Back Porch Americana and has performed at some of California’s premiere music festivals and venues: World Fest, Strawberry Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, American River Music Festival, Kate Wolf Music Festival and Kentucky Mine Music festival, Keystone Palo Alto, Grass Valley Center for the Arts, the historic Nevada Theater, the Auburn Event Center, State Theater Auburn as well as the Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering , Heber City Western Music and Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival and the Davis Music Festival.

Juliet performs her original songs in a duo with veteran harmonica player Homer Wills (The Mavericks, Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt).

Juliet also tours as lead vocalist and guitarist in “The Heifer Belles”, performing her original songs along with Kim Rogers on pedal steel and Karel Hendee on bass. The Belles have played World Fest, Elko Cowboy and Poetry Gathering , Heber Valley Western Music and Cowboy Poetry Festival, Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, Davis Music Festival as well as opening for Rita Hosking, the Alvin Brothers and Laurie Lewis.


Mike Seeba began studying Classical Indian music in 2001, at the age of 28 under the venerated maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. After years of study in the states, in 2006 he devoted the next two years of life to India, in an attempt to understand the culture from which this fascinating music arose. Lost in a whirlwind of folk and popular music, he temporarily set aside his classical training as he was absorbed and in love with India. It was an experience that profoundly changed him.

Since his return to the states, Seeba has been honing and perfecting his blend of musical inspirations, providing an often inaccessible glimpse of ancient songs within the context of modern sensibility. He can be found collaborating with a variety of musicians, styles and venues along the West Coast.


Steeped in the tradition of music from the hills, the Ruckrich Family Band plays bluegrass as well as original music. It’s hard to believe Django is only 12 years old when you hear his skillful, on-the-fly leads on three instruments – guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. He also adds spot-on harmony singing and an occasional vocal lead. 8-year-old Jasmine sings with such power and keeps right in step on mandolin, guitar, and fiddle. Dad,Phil, writes music, sometimes co-writing with Django, sings, and plays rhythm guitar. Mom, Brenda backs them up on keyboard and banjo. This family band has played weddings, local festivals, restaurants, opened up for Nanda, and been featured many times on our local radio station KVMR as well as in our local newspaper the Union. The fun this family is having playing music together is infectious.


Featuring Michael DiMartino, Kit Bailey, and special guest Manus of Spearhead
WorldBeat Percussion Ensemble is a collection of two to five musicians. They play traditional rhythms from Brazil, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East These are all performed on various ethnic instruments including djembe, congas, dumbeque, marimba, flutes, talking drum, balaphone, and didjereedoo. Many of the songs also include vocals, and performances can include dancers and a multimedia presentation.


Composer John Miner may be best known for his rock opera Heavens Cafe, which was staged at the Flamingo Theater in Las Vegas 1996, the Charleston Performing Arts Center in 1997, and later at Insurgo Theater in Los Angeles in 2004. Miner formed the progressive rock group Art Rock Circus to perform the music with a live band on stage alongside the singers and actors. Investor Mike Lewis was instrumental in financing and staging Heavens Cafe. The Tributary Music Label released a live CD of Heavens Cafe to the progressive rock community in 2000.

Musically, Miner is known for his use of several alternate guitar tunings, and this is evident in nearly all his compositions. The use of a double necked guitar has enabled the performer to switch from one tuning to another within the same song in a live situation.

His use of odd time signatures is apparent in the majority of his work as a composer, particularly in Heavens Cafe, in which the majority of the album features unorthodox metering. Other distinct characteristics of the composer include the absence of repeating choruses. Drum and bass parts are usually hinting toward melody, rather than standard rock fare. As a producer, Miner’s analog recording techniques have been the discussion of much debate in the modern digital world.


Robert Heirendt is a composer, singer/songwriter, and music therapist. He plays the mbira dzavadzimu, a type of kalimba instrument from Zimbabwe. He has studied traditional Zimbabwean trance music for over a decade. Robert released his first solo album Soft Sea Creatures in 2014 and currently plays in the adventurous improvisational ensemble Tumble.

For this performance at California WorldFest, Robert, along with a few of his musical friends, will be playing traditional Zimbabwean mbira music. In Zimbabwe, an mbira piece is made up of a repetitive musical phrase which includes multiple intertwined melodies with syncopated and complex rhythms. When two mbiras are played together, the resultant interlocking parts combine to create a polyrhythmic stew whose whole is way greater than the sum of it’s parts!


Angelika originally from Germany resides in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, near Grass Valley California. She composes and records her music at her off the grid home and performs internationally and locally at conferences, seminars, weddings, celebrations, retreats.

Her spiritual search became more urgent and focused through the sudden loss of her beloved partner, witnessing his plane crash in Alaska. In her search Angelika came across the spiritual teachings of the East and was introduced to meditation and sacred chanting at a Yoga retreat at the Ananda Community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There Angelika connected to and started to receive/compose the songs of her own heart and spirit in different languages.

One day, sitting in a flower garden in deep prayer, searching for her unique purpose and direction she asked spirit with the greatest intensity what to do with her life, when a strong, cosmic voice answered: “Healing through music”. No further explanation was offered, so Angelika studied music for the next 2 years. It was fulfilling and enriching to further develop her passion and talent for music, songwriting, arranging and recording. Angelika encourages everyone to keep fanning the sparks of their dreams no matter what the odds, or how much time it takes to realize them and to ask the universe for help, expecting an answer!

Angelika considers it her good Fortune/Karma to have the opportunity to study with some of the great Masters and Saints of our time, Mata Amritanandamayi, Shree Maa, Mother Mira, Amma Karunamayi, Sri Bhagavan/Amma and other beautiful teachers, who have been instrumental in her spiritual growth as well as learning sacred mantras and songs in Sanskrit. Swami Satyananda Saraswati patiently taught her some of the pronunciation and meanings of the ancient songs and scriptures of India and Shree Maa presented her own tamboura as a gift for the journey, which is needless to say Angelika’s favorite instrument. Her spiritual path is one of devotion and acceptance of all religions. In her music she expresses this universal and eclectic quality. All paths lead to the one whole and complete source and ultimate union and ever expanding consciousness.



Priscilla Momah is a soulful song weaver originally from the Twin Cities who cultivates a space for tranquility and Love to be perpetuated through song, art and movement. She is a singer/songwriter/light warrior/ who recently moved back to the Big Island to co-create and share light- hearted conscious music.

Knowledge IZ’s sound transcends the norm, making his way to the Big Island of Hawaii from Cincinnati, he brings a message of unity, love, and community uplifting his audience through rhythm and poetry. Connecting generations, he shares authentic roots hip-hop, bridging cultures and building a foundation for growing community.

Jasmine Fuego


Plus catch Jasmine emceeing the Meadow Stage every evening this year!


Jasmine Fuego is a singer, educator and ARTivist deeply committed to creating art in service to justice, self empowerment and liberation. In 2014, she co-founded the Permaculture Action Network,an organization that bridges art and ecology through action, with a group of community organizers and environmental educators. During the school year she teaches mindfulness & emotional intelligence to youth in Richmond, California with the Mindful Life Project and is a member of the Thrive Choir. Her music uses live vocal looping that seamlessly combines genres to create a unique sound she calls soul-pop.



Jasmine says, “From the beginning I was always a bridge builder. Being a biracial child raised both in Southern California & North Carolina, I became really good at straddling many worlds. I fell in love with performance and social justice in my grandmother’s living room; memorizing all of the lyrics and dance steps to Michael Jackson songs. The king of Pop deeply influenced my desire to do art as activism.”


In 2014, she combined forces with permaculture educators and community organizers to co-found the Permaculture Action Network, which combines ecology and music to build community, spotlight grassroots environmental organizations and shift the dominant entertainment narrative. The Permaculture Action Network has done over 70 Permaculture Action Days with artists and events such as Rising Appalachia, Mr. Lif, Ayla Nereo, The Polish Ambassador, Lightening in a Bottle Music Festival, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Symbiosis Gathering and many more.


Fuego currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area performing music, curating Good Culture, teaching mindfulness to youth in Richmond via the Mindful Life Project, facilitating Regenerative Design trainings nation-wide and singing with the Thrive Choir.


Global Indigenous Peoples Village 2018


Global Indigenous Peoples Village


At WorldFest, it is our mission as a celebration of the World Culture to honor the indigenous peoples of the world and the expansive knowledge and cultural richness that are held within them.


Join us in celebrating the 10th annual Global Indigenous Peoples Village at WorldFest!


The Global Indigenous Peoples Village is hosted by a diverse range of Indigenous Peoples including the Indigenous Nisenan People of Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, and Sacramento counties, whose land holds the WorldFest gathering. The Nisenan Tribes will open WorldFest on Thursday evening, with a ceremonial welcoming of all guests of WorldFest on their ancestral homelands.


The Global Village holds a diverse variety of Indigenous Artisans, Musicians, Dancers, Wisdom Keepers, and Workshops to honor the past and recognize the indigenous peoples’ invaluable contribution to humanity’s cultural diversity and heritage.


During the festival, day break will begin with a ceremonial sun welcoming and continue with community gathering all day long.


Stay tuned for scheduling of workshops and presentations within the Global Village, and make sure to check out the schedule of the Global Stage which is dedicated to showcasing Indigenous Peoples music and dance as well as lectures from Elders within the community.


It is a honor to receive these teachings and share them with the greater WorldFest community. Join us in the Indigenous Global Peoples Village at the festival this year!