July14-17, 2022


11 pm - Late Night Friday Welcome Stage
California WorldFest 2022 | Official Performer


Electropical is a genre-less journey that incorporates distinct flavors from Dancehall, Soca, Cumbia, Uk Bass, Gqom, Reggaeton, Dub, Trap,  Salsa, Bashment, Champeta, Afro beat, Hip Hop and other delicious fruits.

When seen or heard in its native environment deep in the Jungles of Nevada City, California Electropical Bass will be alongside drummers, dancers, and unique artists in a RARE version of Tropical Black Light.


Cultivating the unique flavor of Electropical for over a decade, Kyle Nadi Sanchez is a pioneer of introducing the Hawaii, the west Coast festival scene, and dance floors all over the world to the sonic shores of African-Latin-Caribbean Tropical Bass music.

Nadi has been promoting true global club music from places like London, Soweto, Accra, Colombia and around the world. It is the answer- borderless beats and warm weather bass. Electropical tastes how it sounds; it is a beacon of  blended sunshine brought to you by years of taste-making as Nadi is a distiller of spirit.

A glowing jungle of fruits, flowers and animals – Electropical is a blend of Dancehall elements, St Lucian Soca, Electro Cumbia, Uk Bass, Drumwork, Gqom, South African Piano house Melodic Reggaeton, Salsa Remix, Jamaican Bashment, Afrobeats, soukous, to name a few. Electropical is an experience combining the sound and color of tropical bass.


From a familiar perch atop the bass tombs, ethereal empress Delphi is long-celebrated for detonating the dance-floor with an amalgam of progressive bass music, world sounds, classic hip-hop, mash-ups and timeless 90’s R&B. From humble beginnings as a spoken word poet and renegade artist, to successful runs with Goddess Alchemy Project and her own Radio Tarot, Delphi has leveled up in style and substance, piloting soul seekers on an introspective dancefloor journey. She has a gift for merging cultures in sound, the music dripping with sexy on any occasion she takes to the decks.

Twenty years deep in the West Coast game, Delphi remains magik maker and mystic; no stranger to spiritualized shanti nor the trillest dancehalls. Like a phoenix rising, she brewed up a temporal storm on her baby makin’ mix Love Notes; and shows intriguing versatility on her most recent mix LeyLines. Delphi is also a seasoned event producer and has been producing music events in Northern California for fifteen years, including an event series called Hot Pynk which aims to uplift women artists and musicians. Ever the purveyor and tastemaker, the DJ refreshingly blends psychedelic bass textures with sublime femininity and an urban aesthetic. Delphi is the rare classicist able to weave yesterday’s tomorrow into a textured afghan distinctly her own.