Find Your Voice: Opening the Throat Chakra with Katy Avila

Find Your Voice: Opening the Throat Chakra with Katy AvilaFind Your Voice: Opening the Throat Chakra with Katy Avila


Many different practices, from shamanism to Jungian psychology, recognize the practice of automatic writing, or writing without thinking, as a natural, meditative process in which words rise from a subconscious or spiritual source.


Though many people dislike writing or think they don’t know how to write, the inability to automatically write actually suggests psychic blocks and imbalances in the throat chakra as there is a lack of ability to communicate and express oneself.


In this workshop, attendees will participate in a series of group meditation, chanting, and prompted/unprompted writing exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to open up our throat chakra and see what organically arises from within when we put our pen to paper and enter that flow state.


Katy Avila is a writer, mentor, teacher, singer and musician living in Oakland, CA. Katy has taught writing to children, adults, and professionals across various academic and community settings because she believes all humans are writers by nature. By engaging with the power of stories and words, Katy’s workshops create space for change–change in how we view ourselves, each other, the world–and space for personal, collective and cultural healing. Her interests in yoga, music, and spirituality intersect with her teaching experience to create a transformative writing approach that is embodied, meditative, and cathartic.