One Tribe Movement

One Tribe Movement

Discovery Stage & Saturday Late Night Afterparty

One People, One Nation, One Family. One Tribe is a declaration of our global togetherness. This music is the harmonic convergence of Kelli Love, Moon Cat Preach and Christopher McNinch, and many other musical features. Rooted in our love for the earth and the sacred waters of our planet, and carrying musical prayers and chants as medicine for our people in these crazy times, we have come to shake up the system and plant the seeds for the new earth.

One Tribe is gathering to bring music, plant medicines, and the message of oneness to all nations. Navigating through challenges that we as a global family face, One Tribe artistically expresses and informs through solution based thinking.

Our intention is to unify and ignite local communities with song dance and prayer as a lifestyle in tune with the rhythms of the natural world. We are artists and activists, in alliance with our indigenous relatives we stand united to bring all the nations together as a part of the prophecies of this time.

We are identified by elders in Lakota, Hopi and Mayan prophecy as part of the Rainbow Warrior family, a generation of people from different lineages who are seeking a way back to the true path in balance with all of creation.