Los Hermanos Arango

Los Hermanos Arango

From Havana, Cuba


“The insular grace of Cuba condenses and expands in the voices, instruments, and bodies of Los Hermanos Arango.” – El Granma Newspaper, Pedro de La Hoz, Havana, Cuba 2014

Los Hermanos Arango hail from Guanabacoa, a municipality in Cuba characterized by a high level of musical and afro-religious tradition. The group was created in 2003 by world-renown bassist Feliciano Arango  (Emiliano Salvador, NG la Banda, Maraca, etc.) and his siblings, percussionist Eugenio, guitarist Ignacio, and vocalist Cristina.

The Arango family brings more than 30 years of combined touring experience performing Cuban music and jazz of the highest caliber around the globe. Los Hermanos Arango offers a diverse palette of authentic afro-folkloric rhythms and chants merged with intricate, yet accessible jazz.


“Hearing the bata drums alone is a spectacle, and the Arangos’ harmony and melodic improvisations played atop them renders a special musical experience. On top of it all, the music is even danceable and shall be to the liking of all audiences, from the academically trained musician, to the spectator that wants to dance or simply sit back and enjoy an excellent concert.” – Bob Mintzer, Yellowjackets