Conscious Living

Conscious Living

Get involved!  This year WorldFest brings great ideas, exhibits and workshops.

BriarPatch Co-op
California College of Ayurveda
Dr Solar
Grateful Body
Heather Luna
Kalub Jarosh
Mountain Bike Ride
Redwood Seeds
See Jane Do
Natural Living School
Sierra Streams Institute
Dr. Burnell Vassar
and MORE!

BriarPatch Co-op

Raw food demo and tea ceremony

BriarPatch is the leading natural food store in Nevada County. We are a vibrant, important community hub for gathering and for dialogue and learning about healthful food.

We seek to be a leader in social, environmental, as well as fiscal business responsibility, among both local businesses and food co-ops nationally.

We model community-mindedness and cooperative principles, and hope to inspire others to do the same, and in so doing, contribute to peace and prosperity for all within our reach.

California College of Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, living in balance begins with conscious living.

“Our most basic behaviors come from a place deep inside that Ayurveda refers to as our consciousness. Change at the level of consciousness is both the most profound and the most difficult. Even a simple change at this level of our being ripples into every aspect of our experience of life.”
-Excerpt from “Healing Your Life, Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda, ) by Dr. Marc Halpern, Founder of the California College of Ayurveda.

The California College of Ayurveda incorporates the values of conscious living through education, healing, lifestyle, and community involvement.
Representatives from the local college will be on site sharing information and items for purchase to support your well being.
Stop by and pick up your Aromatherapy Spritzer, Chakra Stones, Bliss Tea or just to say hello!

workshop-dr-solarDr Solar

World famous Dr. Solar’s show is fast paced and chock full of comedy. Ragtime music sets the tone.  Dr. Solar and his “Suitcase Scalawags”, offers audience participation as he weaves a blend of magic and comedic physical antics. The show is completely authentic, down to the costumes, music, and characters.

With his menagerie of doves, rabbits, frogs, fish, rats, and mice, you generally never know what’s in store, though his claims are, that you will see “it all”!

Grateful Body

A significant personal experience set the path for founder and principle formulator Shannon Schroter during his college years when two of his sisters died from cancer in their 20’s. This initiated a strong desire to try and understand the essentials of healing. Thus began years of intense study of the Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Tibetan and western herbal medicine systems, which included the great good fortune of studying with extraordinary teachers and masters, all guiding the way towards a more comprehensive understanding of true holistic principles.

Shannon created his first apothecary and healing recipes in Northern California around 1982. His first herbal company was Middle Path Herbals, founded in 1984 in Seattle and offering a wide variety of medicinal herbal preparations. In 1998, Grateful Body was created; an inspiring adventure based on the wish to create vital formulas that could genuinely support the skin and body. Grateful Body was a long standing creator of fresh, organic, botanical products before there was a ‘green’ movement. Shannon chose the name Grateful Body to indicate his desire to be more grateful for the body we are given and for life all around us. Grateful Body will always hold a firm commitment to the health of people and the environment.

Heather Luna

Heather Luna is a Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist, Director of the Acorn School of Herbal Medicine and Founder of the Nevada City Herb & Tea Co. She offers herbalist certificate training courses, private health transformation sessions and monthly free community clinical services. Heather is a Nevada County resident since her teens and has been instructing classes in Western Herbalism in the Sierra Foothills for more than a decade. A lifelong student, mother, beekeeper, and plant medicine whisperer, Heather hunts inspiration and cooks it up in service to inspire others.

Kalub Jarosh

In my mid-twenties I started having health problems. I began seeing serval doctors to find out what was causing my deteriorating health. After 1.5 years of seeing different doctors and trying medications, surgery was suggested as a possible solution. I knew there had to be another way. I felt relatively healthy and I didn’t know what was causing my health difficulties but something in me knew surgery and more medication wasn’t the answer.

After doing research for an alternative I became fascinated with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I started to see an acupuncturist and after just a few months my symptoms that had been plaguing me for almost two years had completely resolved.

Western medicine is exceptional as an emergency and trauma medicine but is lacking when it comes to creating overall longevity and health. Chinese medicines approach of activating the bodies natural ability to heal made more sense to me than western medicines approach of using invasive surgery and chemicals to heal the body.

I completed my undergraduate work at the University of Oregon and knew that I wanted to go on and study Chinese medicine because I saw what it did for me. I graduated from Acupuncture Integrative Medicine College with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine in the end of 2010 and than I passed the licensing exam.

As I started to practice three conditions became the most predominate cases I would see and that I work with the most. They are pain management, weight loss and infertility. My clinic focuses and specializes in those areas and we have developed compressive programs in all those areas.

Saturday Morning Mountain Bike Ride

Where: Empire Mine State Park, Grass Valley
We will meet at ‘Penn Gate’. The parking lot on the south side of East Empire Street across from Empire Court.

What: Intermediate mountain bike ride in Empire Mine State Park. Distance is about 10 miles with 1,000 feet of climbing and the same descent.

Duration: 1 1/2 hours.

Bring: mountain bike, helmet, water.

Saturday 9 am

Led by Sebastian Roberts: Born in Switzerland, raised in the Bay Area, Sebastian got crowded out in 2000 and pedaled north. He has lived in Grass Valley since 2010. Sebastian enjoys all things outdoors, especially being schooled by all the incredible riders in the area.

Redwood Seeds

We are a family farm business founded in 2009 by Kalan and Cam Redwood. Eight years later, our original goal of providing local seeds for home gardeners continues. We now offer over 200 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs and grains, all grown locally in northern CA. The vast majority of our seeds, around 95%, are still grown here on our farm in the Lassen foothills.

 See Jane Do 

The Wonder Love Lounge: Refresh, Relax, Recharge!

In pursuit of happiness and joy, See Jane Do & Grateful Body invites you to our experiential lounge featuring:
– Plush shaded area to hang out & cool down
– Grateful Body refresh station
– Free mini recharge sessions including: – Breema & skin-care with Mary, Drumming with Elisa, Quantum Hugs with Azul, Self-care with Laurie Jo, Card readings with Adela
– Contribute to the Wonder Wall
– Coloring & doodling
– Nourish to Flourish with Lore Ross-Medium & Channel

Stop by for the schedule and other surprises. Come together to discover the wonder within. You are more than you can imagine!

See Jane Do is an award-winning social change media & event productions organization that empowers everyday women to be a hero in their own lives and provides tools to put Passion into Action. We capture the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things and utilize the power of story to create positive change.  Real Women.  Real Solutions.

Natural Living School

The Natural Living School, is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it is a place where people can come and gain the experience and confidence they need to simplify their lives, learn to live in balance with nature, and to feed their spirits.  Our participants learn how to legally construct an affordable, naturally built cottage, create a home garden with the potential for self sufficiency, and experience the art of natural living.

Sierra Streams 

Sierra Streams Institute is a regional watershed science organization based in Nevada City, California, dedicated to increasing watershed stewardship capacity throughout the Sierra Nevada region and beyond. Although much of our work takes place in the watershed of Deer Creek—a major tributary of the Yuba River, which drains to the Feather River, the Sacramento River, and ultimately the San Francisco Bay—SSI is proud to be a vitally important voice in the regional scientific community. We work with local, state, and federal agencies as well as universities and community groups to find solutions to the problems that afflict Deer Creek and other watersheds throughout the region that share the challenges resulting from a century and a half of gold mining, development, and agriculture.

Explore the Benefits of High CBD Medical Cannabis

Dr. Burnell Vassar is a California native and graduate of UC Berkeley who earned her medical degree at Michigan State University. She has been a family practice M.D. for 25 years. She most recently worked with YubaDocs Urgent Care here in Grass Valley for the previous 3 years until being invited by Dr. Toy to maintain the practice he began over a decade ago.

Dr. Vassar is most interested in compassionate medicine, and embraces natural remedies and alternative methods of managing chronic pain and illnesses. She is an avid gardener, life-long learner, and eager to help her patients increase their quality of life to the best of their potential.