BUSker Performance Schedule


Check out the VW Bus at Gate 1 where you’ll find these musicians performing for your listening pleasure.  #getonthebus

Street performance or busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities, though “busking” is particularly associated with singing or playing music. In many countries the rewards are generally in the form of money but other gratuities such as food, drink or gifts may be given. – Wikipedia


Thursday 7/13
3:00pm – Dakota Crider
3:45pm – Tom MacDonald & Tony Unger
4:30pm – World Beat Percussion Trio

Friday 7/14
10:00am – Ruckrich Family Band
11:00am – Juliet Gobert & Homer Wills
3:30pm – Jeffrey Dupra
4:30pm – Dakota Crider

Saturday 7/15
10:00am – Robert Heirendt & Friends
11:00am – Mike Seeba
3:30pm – Emilove Musical Medicine
4:30pm – Art Rock Ensemble

Sunday 7/16
10:00am – Richard Vagner
11:00am – World Beat Percussion Trio
2:30pm – Ruckrich Family Band
3:30pm – Juliet Gobert & Homer Wills
4:30pm – Emilove Musical Medicine


Angelika originally from Germany resides in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, near Grass Valley California. She composes and records her music at her off the grid home and performs internationally and locally at conferences, seminars, weddings, celebrations, retreats.

Her spiritual search became more urgent and focused through the sudden loss of her beloved partner, witnessing his plane crash in Alaska. In her search Angelika came across the spiritual teachings of the East and was introduced to meditation and sacred chanting at a Yoga retreat at the Ananda Community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There Angelika connected to and started to receive/compose the songs of her own heart and spirit in different languages.
One day, sitting in a flower garden in deep prayer, searching for her unique purpose and direction she asked spirit with the greatest intensity what to do with her life, when a strong, cosmic voice answered: “Healing through music”. No further explanation was offered, so Angelika studied music for the next 2 years. It was fulfilling and enriching to further develop her passion and talent for music, songwriting, arranging and recording. Angelika encourages everyone to keep fanning the sparks of their dreams no matter what the odds, or how much time it takes to realize them and to ask the universe for help, expecting an answer!

Angelika considers it her good Fortune/Karma to have the opportunity to study with some of the great Masters and Saints of our time, Mata Amritanandamayi, Shree Maa, Mother Mira, Amma Karunamayi, Sri Bhagavan/Amma and other beautiful teachers, who have been instrumental in her spiritual growth as well as learning sacred mantras and songs in Sanskrit. Swami Satyananda Saraswati patiently taught her some of the pronunciation and meanings of the ancient songs and scriptures of India and Shree Maa presented her own tamboura as a gift for the journey, which is needless to say Angelika’s favorite instrument. Her spiritual path is one of devotion and acceptance of all religions. In her music she expresses this universal and eclectic quality. All paths lead to the one whole and complete source and ultimate union and ever expanding consciousness.



Composer John Miner may be best known for his rock opera Heavens Cafe, which was staged at the Flamingo Theater in Las Vegas 1996, the Charleston Performing Arts Center in 1997, and later at Insurgo Theater in Los Angeles in 2004. Miner formed the progressive rock group Art Rock Circus to perform the music with a live band on stage alongside the singers and actors. Investor Mike Lewis was instrumental in financing and staging Heavens Cafe. The Tributary Music Label released a live CD of Heavens Cafe to the progressive rock community in 2000.

Musically, Miner is known for his use of several alternate guitar tunings, and this is evident in nearly all his compositions. The use of a double necked guitar has enabled the performer to switch from one tuning to another within the same song in a live situation.

His use of odd time signatures is apparent in the majority of his work as a composer, particularly in Heavens Cafe, in which the majority of the album features unorthodox metering. Other distinct characteristics of the composer include the absence of repeating choruses. Drum and bass parts are usually hinting toward melody, rather than standard rock fare. As a producer, Miner’s analog recording techniques have been the discussion of much debate in the modern digital world.



Dakota Crider started playing guitar when he was 11 years old. A few years later he began writing his own material and had so much fun he simply couldn’t stop creating even if he wanted to. Homegrown from the mountains of Nevada City/Grass Valley California he wandered around learning how to love and laugh as a teenager, making many friends young and old along the way. Inspired by 1960’s psychedelia, the wholesome, heartfelt sounds of folk music and the actualization of higher consciousness he seeks to spread wisdom, peace, and love in every note to all who listen to his music.


Emilove’s music has been cultivated by a mindful philosopher’s heart, a passion for building a better future for all, and a life long love of vocal expression. Elements of ukulele and crafty clever spoken word add variety, with a stable open heart channel and an intentional, aware presence. Growing in popularity through grassroots personal promotional style and memorable offerings.




Jeffrey Wanzer Dupra is a folk singer/songwriter, artist, writer and performer from upstate New York currently residing in Northern California. He loves the wilderness, his family, friends, good food, books, basketball, and the pursuit, practice, and preservation of magic, wonder, mystery, and awe.

This show is to celebrate the release of a new collection of songs entitled “Spring Street”.

These songs represent a shift into low gear, for a heavy load or a long climb, and a strong engine. They are about family, hard work, everyday, love, fear, hope, violence, nature, and holding it all together and finding a way to make it work. We were four people in a worn out, serially rented two bedroom apartment. Noise before silence, patience, irritation, check to check to check to check, a drink, neighbors stopping by, another drink, all while evolving a plan.

Our triumphs and our struggles were at times expanded and diminished by just how ordinary they were, and in that way I have come to see that they are not just our own.

We used to live on Spring Street but we don’t anymore.



Juliet Gobert (pron. go-bear) is a singer/songwriter of Back Porch Americana and has performed at some of California’s premiere music festivals and venues: World Fest, Strawberry Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, American River Music Festival, Kate Wolf Music Festival and Kentucky Mine Music festival, Keystone Palo Alto, Grass Valley Center for the Arts, the historic Nevada Theater, the Auburn Event Center, State Theater Auburn as well as the Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering , Heber City Western Music and Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival and the Davis Music Festival.

Juliet performs her original songs in a duo with veteran harmonica player Homer Wills (The Mavericks, Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt).

Juliet also tours as lead vocalist and guitarist in “The Heifer Belles”, performing her original songs along with Kim Rogers on pedal steel and Karel Hendee on bass. The Belles have played World Fest, Elko Cowboy and Poetry Gathering , Heber Valley Western Music and Cowboy Poetry Festival, Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, Davis Music Festival as well as opening for Rita Hosking, the Alvin Brothers and Laurie Lewis.


Seeba began studying Classical Indian music in 2001, at the age of 28 under the venerated maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. After years of study in the states, in 2006 he devoted the next two years of life to India, in an attempt to understand the culture from which this fascinating music arose. Lost in a whirlwind of folk and popular music, he temporarily set aside his classical training as he was absorbed and in love with India. It was an experience that profoundly changed him.

Since his return to the states, Seeba has been honing and perfecting his blend of musical inspirations, providing an often inaccessible glimpse of ancient songs within the context of modern sensibility. He can be found collaborating with a variety of musicians, styles and venues along the West Coast.


In 2001 “A Passage to Clear” was released by Miner’s Art Rock Circus, also being conceptual in nature. The album featured two female vocalists, Karyn Anderson, and Karen Marquart. The album was not as well received as Heavens Cafe’.
Collaborating with drummer and composer Nolan Stolz, Miner rebuilt the Art Rock Circus from the ground up, and in 2005 released a double CD Tell a Vision. The extensive keyboard palate in addition to Miner’s eclectic guitar stylings found an accepting progressive rock audience.

In 2005, Miner wrote and constructed guitar parts for the K² (band) album Book of the Dead that would integrate around the lead parts of Allan Holdsworth.

Musically, Miner is known for his use of several alternate guitar tunings, and this is evident in nearly all his compositions. The use of a double necked guitar has enabled the performer to switch from one tuning to another within the same song in a live situation.

His use of odd time signatures is apparent in the majority of his work as a composer, particularly in Heavens Cafe, in which the majority of the album features unorthodox metering. Other distinct characteristics of the composer include the absence of repeating choruses. Drum and bass parts are usually hinting toward melody, rather than standard rock fare. As a producer, Miner’s analog recording techniques have been the discussion of much debate in the modern digital world.



Richard Vagner is an 18 year old violinist intertwining Classical & Modern music using live looping on a 5-string Electric/ Acoustic instrument. He has been playing the violin since he was 7 years old, and was born and raised in Los Angeles where he began his roots. On his journey he played for a variety of different bands, playing almost every instrument imaginable. He toured the west coast several times, played with various popular artists, and released a song in solidarity with Standing Rock. The song titled “Stand” features many well known artists including Nahko from Nahko & Medicine For The People, 4biddenknowledge, & Xiuhtezcatl of Earth Guardians. As of 2017 he is working on his debut album and co producing Xiuhtezcatl’s album titled “Break Free.”


Robert Heirendt’s artistic vision is about interweaving. From the weaving together of complex patterns, juxtaposed rhythms, multiple diverse influences, experiences, and feelings, he strives to create sounds and textures which take the listener to new places. He plays the mbira dzavadzimu, a type of kalimba instrument from Zimbabwe. He has studied traditional Zimbabwaen trance music for over a decade. Prior to this, he played keyboards in many bands beginning in the 1980s. A few of his primary musical influences are The Beatles, Andrew Bird, Miles Davis, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel and David Sylvian. “Soft Sea Creatures” is his first solo album which integrates many musical threads including song craft, improvisation, texture, poetry and groove. Robert works as a music therapist/social worker, using music to help children and families connect with their higher selves. He also plays in the instrumental ensemble “Tumble”.



Steeped in the tradition of music from the hills, the Ruckrich Family Band plays bluegrass as well as original music. It’s hard to believe Django is only 12 years old when you hear his skillful, on-the-fly leads on three instruments – guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. He also adds spot-on harmony singing and an occasional vocal lead. 8-year-old Jasmine sings with such power and keeps right in step on mandolin, guitar, and fiddle. Dad,Phil, writes music, sometimes co-writing with Django, sings, and plays rhythm guitar. Mom, Brenda backs them up on keyboard and banjo. This family band has played weddings, local festivals, restaurants, opened up for Nanda, and been featured many times on our local radio station KVMR as well as in our local newspaper the Union. The fun this family is having playing music together is infectious.



Singer songwriter, Tom MacDonald, has been a professional musician for over 40 years. It started when his family relocated to Brazil in the 60’s and Tom’s dad bought him his first guitar, being self taught, he formed his first band while in high school incorporating some of the Brazilian rhythms beating all around him. Once back in the states he continued performing solo and with different groups. Opening up for Three Dog Night, Norton Buffalo, Maria Muldaur, David Lindley and Crosby, Stills & Nash with his group Matinee Forever, he then formed The Pleasure Addicts creating a jazz infused sound. He rock & rolled the next 20 years with Buck Love & The HumperHeads and now is currently playing in two duos, The Nut Boyz and Tom MacDonald & Tony Unger. Over the years he has developed a bold percussive picking style with a strong rhythmic sense. Tom plays local venues and throughout the upper western states.
“I love playing music because it is the universal language of the heart”.

Tony Unger began his guitar study at the age of 9. He was born in Germany, grew up in Switzerland and Spain, and then came the the United States at the age of 18. He first studied classical guitar but soon followed his desire to play Spanish music, especially flamenco. Upon his arrival in America, Tony played rock and blues in several bands in California and Hawaii. In 1991 he found his roots again and resumed playing Classical, Spanish and Jazz. Tom & Tony have been playing off and on for the past 10 years. Each coming from different backgrounds & styles but together blending a creative & rich sound they like to describe as perforated pop with a flamenco jazz twist.


Featuring Michael DiMartino, Kit Bailey, and special guest Manus of Spearhead

WorldBeat Percussion Ensemble is a collection of two to five musicians. They play traditional rhythms from Brazil, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East These are all performed on various ethnic instruments including djembe, congas, dumbeque, marimba, flutes, talking drum, balaphone, and didjereedoo. Many of the songs also include vocals, and performances can include dancers and a multimedia presentation.

WorldBeat Percussion Ensemble